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Health and Beauty Write for Us

health and beauty write for us

Health and Beauty

Taking good care of our appearance is key to feeling good inside and out. A smooth and shiny skin, healthy and abundant hair, or a cared appearance provide us with well-being.

How to care for the Eye Contour?

The cosmetic care of the eye contour should be a priority from the age of 25 to keep the skin elastic and mitigate dark circles, bags, and wrinkles. Discover how to take care of the eye contour area.

Nutricosmetics What are you talking about?

The nutricosmetic is a food creation with concentrations of particular nutrients that, in small doses, complement the diet.

Tanning Booths: Recommendations to Avoid Problems

Artificial tanning is obtained using lamps or tanning booths that emit ultraviolet radiation with controlled intensity and wavelength. It is a common practice, especially among younger people, but is it good for your health? Find out what the experts say.

How to Avoid Hair Loss?

According to epidemiological studies, hair loss or baldness affects 50% of men over 50. In women, hair loss is also a common concern, which may be more evident after menopause or in certain situations of hormonal change.

The Importance of Aesthetics in Cancer Patients

Ángela Navarro has been creating trends in the world of hairdressing since she was 15 years old. His concern to put his knowledge into practice at the service of others has led him to launch a vital cancer project unique in the world, in which he works directly at the service of patients suffering from this disease. Let’s discover how aesthetics affect the self-esteem of cancer patients.

Basic Male Cosmetics

Men are looking for easy-to-use, practical, functional, and above all, absorb well and do not leave a greasy touch. We currently find classic shaving products to gels for eye contour, facial scrubs, and compact makeup. Discover how to take care of men’s skin.

Complexion: Cleaning and Care

To maintain a firm and beautiful complexion, we must consider a series of healthy habits and routine care that the dermis needs to stay well. Otherwise, over time the skin of the body loses elasticity and firmness, and the dreaded wrinkles appear.

Facial Cleansing at Home

After a long day, you should not go to bed without cleaning your face. Follow these tips to do a good facial at home! It is worth this little effort because your skin will thank you, looking beautiful, healthy, and young.

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