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8 Tips To Maintain Oral Hygiene With Braces

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Oral Hygiene With Braces – Proper oral hygiene with braces is not an easy task but it is necessary. It is essential for dental health and the prevention of problems such as tooth decay and gingivitis. A person who wears braces or uses other types of orthodontic treatment (especially if it involves the wearing of fixed appliances) must put a lot of effort into maintaining oral hygiene.

This needs to be given a little more time than usual and to use all the tools at your disposal. Thankfully, there are plenty of them. And today we will share some useful tips on how to do it right.  These tips themselves are quite simple but the main thing is consistency. Try them and you won’t have any future oral health problems.

Tips For Those Wearing Braces

Oral hygiene with braces requires more time and hassle. Just brushing your teeth won’t be enough. But even this simple task will take extra effort. After all, this way you prevent the occurrence of problems that can negate all treatment. Below we will highlight the key points for oral hygiene so do not miss them.

1.      Frequent Brushing

Brushing your teeth is by far the most important step when it comes to oral hygiene while wearing braces. Brush your teeth at least three times a day. But it’s best if you do this after every meal (and also after consuming sugary drinks).

Evening brushing is especially important. You should devote a little more time to it. Clean each tooth from all sides and do not forget about the interdental spaces. Remember, this is the main measure to combat destructive bacterial plaque.

2.      Be Careful of What You Eat Or Drink

You should avoid drinks and foods that are high in sugar because if you don’t, the plaque would start to build up around brackets. It can then lead to teeth staining, cavities, and even gum diseases. Therefore, you need to be especially careful with desserts and alcoholic beverages.

Such drinks are high in sugar and increase the risk of oral health problems, which can be complicated if you wear braces. Apart from oral health, such drinks also put your physical and mental health at risk. So look for a nearby rehab center to get rid of alcoholism. You can even call on rehab number to get immediate information regarding treatment.

3.      Choose Right Toothbrush

There are special toothbrushes for cleaning teeth with braces. They are V-shaped, which makes it easier to clean the enamel around the braces. However, many experts believe that the ideal option is to use an electric toothbrush.

The best are cordless electric toothbrushes with oscillating technology. You just need to pick up an orthodontic nozzle. It is good if there is a pressure sensor on the brush. This will prevent you from brushing too hard and damaging the braces.

4.      Choose Right Toothpaste

Generally, fluoridated toothpaste is the most suitable option. It helps to increase the resistance of the tooth to caries and acts gently. Abrasive toothpaste is not recommended, as they usually damage tooth enamel, and sometimes the braces themselves.

If you have any other concerns, such as halitosis or gingivitis, you should contact a professional dental care of round lake and get the appropriate medicines and toothpaste. However, keep in mind that toothpaste is merely an addition to the primary operation of cleaning your teeth.

5.      Flossing Is Important

Yes, you will need to use dental floss. After all, no matter how carefully you brush your teeth, there will still be places inaccessible to the brush (between the teeth). But with flossing, you can get to them, which means you can maintain oral hygiene even with braces.

Braces contribute to the accumulation of more food on the teeth than usual.  Sometimes you may not even notice it. After every appointment at the orthodontist and tightening of braces, you may experience pain. For example, you may experience symptoms such as waking up dizzy and nauseous after every appointment.

In such a case, you would not want to brush.  So for cleaning, it is advisable to use waxed dental floss. Move it gently up and down, and you will forget about the problem of stuck pieces of food in your teeth.

6.      Dental Plaque Indicators

The Bacterial Plaque Indicator is very useful in identifying areas where minimal plaque remains. You can’t just rely on brushing your teeth, especially when it comes to using fixed orthodontics. After all, some areas remain without proper cleansing.

It is appropriate to use such indicators after brushing your teeth. This way you will see where it would be good to brush again. You will also understand that this is your weak place due to braces (or improper cleaning).

7.      Use Mouthwash

Mouthwash is essential for those who wear braces. It is usually used after brushing your teeth. The main function of this procedure is to eliminate bacteria and other microorganisms that can cause harm. Now there are a lot of such mouthwashes available in the market.

There are also special ones for people using orthodontic appliances. They contain components that do not damage their structure. A good fluoride mouthwash also protects tooth enamel.

8.      Use of Oral Irrigator

The dental irrigator is the perfect complement to maintaining good oral hygiene while using orthodontic appliances. Don’t forget that in many cases, small food residues accumulate in the design of the braces and go unnoticed.

The irrigator provides a pulsating flow of water that reaches all corners of the mouth. It is the right device for those who require particularly thorough dental care. There are several types of oral irrigators in the market, ranging from the simplest to those that have additional features. You can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Take Away

If you have braces installed, then careful oral hygiene should become your habit. It is recommended that you should brush your teeth more thoroughly, choose the right toothbrushes, and watch what you eat. It is equally important to consult with an orthodontist regularly.

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