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Skincare and Beauty Write for Us

skincare and beauty write for us

Skincare and Cosmetics: Beauty for every skin type

Cosmetics concern us every day again, and it is not for nothing that we place high demands on the products that we leave on our skin: starting with the natural makeup that accompanies us through the day, to the glamorous appearance for the evening and last but not least Cosmetics should care for our skin, keep it young and ideally make it even more beautiful. Which cosmetic is the right one always depends on our skin types?

The skin types decide on the correct cosmetics

Depending on what skin type we have, we should also choose our cosmetics. Very oily skin has completely different requirements than dry skin. That’s why we want to give you a few tips at this point on how to determine your skin type and which cosmetics are best suited for it.

Mature skin, for example, is characterized by wrinkles. It is due to a lack of estrogen, which ensures that the collagen fibers contained in the skin are reduced. That creates smaller and larger wrinkles. But also, the firming hyaluronic acid can no longer be stored so well by mature skin. Therefore, mature skin needs perfect cosmetics that contain estrogen and hyaluronic acid, and collagen. Good eye care is critical so that expression lines can be alleviated. A rich night care routine can also help alleviate wrinkles while you sleep. Very important: the neck and décolleté should always be creamed. Otherwise, you can quickly see the age of the skin here.

Sensitive and Blemished Skin

The sensitive skin reacts very strongly to external influences and is very easily irritated. Temperatures that are too hot or cold, an improper diet, new cosmetics and care products, the sun, and much more can quickly cause redness and irritation on sensitive skin. In addition, sensitive skin tends to be dry, which means that the body’s moisture is transported to the outside, but pollutants can penetrate the skin more easily. Good moisturizing is therefore necessary. We should also use natural cosmetics for sensitive skin, as many ingredients that are synthetically produced are not well tolerated. Natural cosmetics are consequently becoming increasingly important, especially for sensitive skin.

Blemished skin is also widespread. It is by no means restricted to teenagers; it can also occur in adults. That is due to the male hormones, which are increasingly released by the body in certain situations. Often, blemished skin also develops under stress. Here the sebum glands produce more oils that stick together the dead skin cells and clog the pores. Impure skin, therefore, needs gentle care and regular cleaning, for example, based on fruit acids. Masks that are used once a week and refine the pores can also be a helpful option. Caution is advised with tea tree oil and other essential oils to trigger allergic reactions quickly. Here, an inconspicuous area should be tested in advance to determine whether the oil is tolerated.

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