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4 Ways To Increase Your Metabolism

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Metabolism – Have you noticed your body changing as you get older? Would you like to lose weight but do not know where to start?

On average, adults gain up to two pounds of weight every year. This is understandable since as you start to age, your muscle mass decreases, and your metabolism starts to slow down, causing you to burn fewer calories and gain weight.

If you want to know the secrets to help speed up your metabolism, then you have come to the right place! Our guide will show you four things that can increase your metabolism so you will look and feel like a teenager again!

Eat a Healthy Diet

Similar to how a car relies on fuel to run, your metabolism needs food to function and help you burn calories all throughout the day. So when you eat several small meals during the day, it allows your metabolism to run efficiently.

Here are a few foods that you can eat to help jump start your metabolism:

  • Lean proteins
  • Beans
  • Nuts
  • Low dairy products

If you incorporate some of these healthy foods into your diet, you will speed up your metabolism automatically. Now that we have seen how to increase your metabolism through diet, we will see how much of a role exercise plays in boosting your metabolism.


Your body burns calories, even while you are resting. However, this resting metabolic rate is higher in people who exercise and lift weights. This is why exercise is an important way to rev up your metabolism. For example, try strength training, running, or take a dance or spin class.

These types of exercises are how to increase your metabolic rate. In addition, you can also improve how you look, lose weight, burn fat, and increase your metabolism, all while having fun!

Get in Vitamin B

What else increases your metabolism? Taking in plenty of Vitamin B. Foods such as spinach, broccoli, fish, and eggs are high in B vitamins. If you find it difficult to get this vitamin is through food alone, you can take a Vitamin B supplement and add it to your daily routine.

This powerful vitamin turns carbohydrates, fats, and proteins into energy, which you need to increase your metabolism.

Drink Green Tea

Another way to make a difference with your metabolism is to drink green tea. But, you may be wondering, how does green tea increase your metabolism? It contains caffeine and catechins, which are items that help boost your metabolism even after you have finished drinking this beverage!

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to pump up your metabolism, enjoy a nice cup of tea while relaxing and kicking up your feet!

Increase Your Metabolism the Right Way!

Losing weight and feeling fabulous has never been easier! Our guide has shown you four tried and tested ways that will increase your metabolism. If you take our advice, we can guarantee you will be in the best shape of your life and have more energy than ever!

Did you find this article helpful? For more health-related tips and tricks, make sure to explore the rest of our blog.

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