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4 Reasons to Seek Marriage Counselling

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Marriage Counselling: How do you know it is time to seek marriage counselling?

If your marriage is on the rocks, it’s very difficult to admit it – let alone take any action. For most couples, they’ll tell themselves that it’s normal, or it’s just temporary. Maybe things will get better when a stressful scenario resolves.

When in a long-term relationship or marriage, it is normal to experience challenges and endure difficult periods. However, the way a couple manages or navigates through these situations is crucial in determining how well they bounce back and return to the happy functioning couple they were.

Here are the primary reasons for seeking counselling services London.

1. When Experiencing Communication Issues

As a couple, you should talk to each other and not at each other. For instance, do you argue or go for days without talking? Maybe you are feeling undervalued, underappreciated. Or you don’t understand what’s happening in your partner’s world or how they’re feeling emotionally.

Either way, these are signs of a communication breakdown.

Therefore, if you feel your communication level needs some improvement, getting help from a relationship counselor London can be vital. The counseling may help you understand underlying issues or unhelpful patterns getting in the way of maintaining a sound and healthy connection.

2. You Feel Like Roommates

The ability to keep the spark alive in a marriage reduces with time. In most cases, couples are caught up in their daily chores, kids, among other projects – and forget to spare quality and intimate time together. As a result, you feel that your partner is more of a roommate than a soulmate.

If you feel that you’ve disconnected in the past months, prioritizing a regular date night or putting some time aside for each other might make all the difference. However, if despite these efforts you’re still growing apart, counselling may help you identify what’s missing and work out a way to rekindle your love.

3. Address Technology Issues

Technology is a huge factor in modern marriage problems.

For instance, pornography addiction, sexting others outside the marriage, social media addictions, texting obsessively, and failure to spend quality time together. According to a recent study, at least one in every 10 couples has admitted to checking their phones at least once during sex.

With this, digital-age issues are a common topic in a counsellor’s office.

4. Address a Specific Problem

Another reason for seeking therapy is to address a specific problem in their relationship. For example, addictions to drugs or alcohol.

Recent study shows that close to 88,000 people die from alcohol-related deaths a year. Well, addiction is a terrible thing to any family. It can cause emotional scarring in children, destroy finances, and ruin marriages. It can turn a partner you once loved into a stranger.

Therapy is the essential tool for conquering these issues.


Are you and your spouse considering a couples counselling program? You are not alone! Many couples go to counselling and therapy sessions to address several issues, work through a problem or strengthen their communication.

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