June 18, 2024

How long does Alcohol Rehab Treatment Take – 2024

Alcohol rehab – The very word addiction recalls a very gloomy picture that sets people off at the very onset. When the addictive material is alcohol, having this habit of leaving behind its adversities all around us in some form or other. Many get addicted while others are in the process of being addicted.

A recent study conducted in 2019 by The National Survey Agency highlights that an estimated 14.5 million people in the age group of 12 and above suffer from different stages of (AUD)- Alcohol Use Disorder in the USA, to put things into perspective that is roughly 5.3% of the total population of the country.

On further deep diving into this aspect, it has been that from the data collected in a survey by NSDUH back in 2019 that an average American consumes alcohol quite frequently hence is prone to falling prey to Alcohol Use Disorders. This report is a testament to the gravity of the situation the United States of America finds itself.

Alcohol Rehab Treatment in ELEV8 centers is renowned for its high success rates.

Description: The above images represent the current situation of the USA concerning alcohol consumption

What’s the way out?

Hope is in the form of the Elev8 Drug & Alcohol Rehab Treatment Program, which serves as the Addiction Recovery & Wellness Recovery centers. They are present across various locations within the United States of America, the major one located in New York.

In this rehab domain, they offer a wide range of services. They stretch across the substance abuse of various forms and the major one being alcohol rehab. Many alcohol treatment rehab centers in Massachusetts work around the clock to ensure that the onboarding process is comfortable for the patients.
You can also get in-home treatment for addiction with Orange County detox. Instead of staying weeks or months at a rehab center, you can undergo detox and aftercare without having to leave your house.

There can be several reasons which may lead to the addiction to alcohol, ranging from financial, socio-economic, and family ones. They often vary from person to person, problems being the multiplier among them all.


What are the Major Reasons which tend to cause Alcohol-Use Disorder?

When raving about this topic, one cannot ignore the socio-economic condition of the country. The United States of America has always been famous for presenting the opportunity to the lesser blessed amongst us. To allow people to make something of themselves, a sign of a progressive nation. Be it from the rising employment rates or that of the GDP growth and so on. The average American tends to earn double what an individual from a developing third-world nation takes away at the end of a month.

This stature of the society with all its might often tends to bring plight with it as well. As People tend to earn more, they tend to spend more on luxuries and pleasure items. Therefore, here comes alcohol amidst the picture. The classic case of “one too many” very often leads a person onto this stray path of addiction. Once addicted, fighting your way back can be seemingly long and hard, often impossible.

The challenges that lie in the way?

There are several packages available in the Alcohol Rehab Treatment Program, having a wide variety of options for both inhouse and outhouse states. They have the best in class art treatment facilities with world-renowned physicians at their disposal. The majority of the patients suffer a big challenge in their path to recovery, which is the social stigma existing around rehab centers. Often people tend to forget that the first step is usually the hardest, no matter how long or how short the journey may be.

How long does the recovery take?

There are a wide variety of treatments available at one’s disposal starting from the usuals:

  • 30-day program
  • 60-day program
  • 90-day program

And extending further to the sober living facilities and halfway houses for patients that require full-time intensive care. The facilities have the best in the industry medical professionals who are available around the clock.

More and more patients prefer to stay around the clock in these rehab centers as they are comfortable and have a soothing vibe. In the modern world, rehab centers focus on being a helping hand in the society around us.

The reasons to enter a rehab center vary from person to person, as highlighted above. Before entering rehab centers, there are a set of rules that should remain kept in mind of an individual. Some of the important ones being-

  • Keep their expectations realistic and choose a program that best suits the current state of the patient rather than going for one which was suggested to them by friends and family.
  • Always keep the long-term benefit in mind and enter the rehab centers with a list of preset goals.
  • Always consult experts before a decision, as rehab centers can be counterproductive if not done right.

What after Recovery?

The journey after recovery is more challenging, as it is a matter of one’s mental fortitude. The withdrawal symptoms will always try to kick in now and then send people down the never-ending spiral of doom.

The symptoms include mild anxiety, fatigue, and nausea. Many patients suffer from physical and emotional symptoms at the same time.

Many studies have revealed that 40% of patients suffer from severe withdrawal symptoms even after a successful recovery. More efforts are being made in the medical industry to address these symptoms more effectively.


Alcohol rehabilitation programs are an exhausting and tedious process as many patients fail to be consistent. Many times it is noticed that patients go to their old ways after the rehab programs finish. Others quit the programs in between because of their challenging timetable and a demanding diet.

Such programs can remain rugged but not impossible to complete. Studies have highlighted that the patients, closer to their family during the period, have better chances of finishing the course. Family members around the rehab centers are of great help in increasing the healing rate.

The future for rehab centers holds bright as many states in the United States of America have shown a keen interest in improving their regional facilities. Several states are opening up new rehab centers which are more organized and employ the best in class in their field. Giant steps have been taken in the recent past to make the treatment more accessible for the American public.

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