April 19, 2024

Best Ways to Take Self Care During the Pandemic – 2023

Self-Care – Posing threats to physical, mental, and emotional health, this pandemic has been challenging for everyone. With strict physical distancing and self-quarantine protocols, feeling alone and overwhelmed is a common occurrence. However, you don’t have to feel bad for having such emotions, because it’s a normal reaction to these new struggles.

With the whole world facing this great challenge, it’s always okay to get off the grid, unwind, and let your hair down. So, how do you do that, with so many restrictions and changes? Find out more with some self-care tips.

The 9 Self-Care Tips

In these trying times, taking time for self-care and healing is more important than ever. Here are some health habits treatments that will help you holistically recover:

1. Length Doesn’t Matter

Learning new skills awakens the mind and broadens your perspective. It may seem counterintuitive to incorporate a self-care routine that’s going to need much of your brainpower, but doing so could serve as the right distraction. So, on your day off, why not try learning something new that you’ve always wanted to do?

Cross a hobby or craft of your must-learn list, buy your supplies, and expand your skill set. However, remember to practice safe distancing protocols while shopping for these supplies. Learn something new; like about cosmetic treatments. Search for local shops within your area like beauty salon supplies Mississauga.

2. Consume Uplifting Media

Books and films are staple components for any fun day-off. Simply turning on the television or opening a new novel directly transports you to other worlds and stories. They can serve as distractions, giving you an escape from the 4 walls of your home.

Everyone has their preferences when it comes to their favourite genres. You could be a fan of horror, action, romance, or comedy, choose whatever category you’re comfortable with as long as it makes you happy go binge it!

However, make sure to limit your screen time or reading time to avoid any eye soreness and headaches. Take a break between episodes or chapters, and rest those peepers.

3. Organize and Declutter

Your physical environment can directly affect your thoughts. If your room is disorganized and dirty, then chances are, your brain is going to be stressed too. Organizing your things and cleaning up your home can be a therapeutic process.

It can help you feel more grounded and fresh. If you’re not really into that, you can always start small and declutter gradually. You could start with your closet and then move on to your kitchen, to the cupboards, and so on.

3. Improve Your On-page Element

Humans have evolved to respond to music in different ways. It has been used as a communal medium to unite large groups and flesh out deep emotions. It can make you dance, cry, laugh, smile, jive, and more!

On that note, during your special day listening to your favourite tunes can help you let go and express those pent-up emotions. Create a playlist for what you’re feeling that day and sing your heart out! Let the rhythm take over and flow to the melody as you release any anguish, anxieties, concerns, and sadness.

4. Turn off Your Notifications

Getting updated about the pandemic status is always a good thing. By being informed, you can better learn how to act in these precarious times. However, with so much coverage regarding COVID 19, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and worried.

As you try to relax your mind and centre your thoughts, it might be better to turn off the occasional buzzing of social media and the news. However, if you ever do listen and share news updates, make sure that they are from a credible source.

5. Cook Your Own Meals

Healthy living begins with what you eat daily. With the advent of fast-food deliveries, you might be tempted to have it for every meal. However, these high levels of fat and sodium will pose threats to your health and leave you even more vulnerable to the pandemic. Try cooking your own meals instead.

Cooking awakens all your senses. That alone can be a therapeutic process for a stressed-out psyche. As you enter the kitchen and prepare your meal, you may find yourself bombarded by a symphony of aromas, flavours, colours, and textures.  With all these delightful stimulants, you get to distract yourself while taking control of your physical health.

6. Visit Online Forums

Establishing a community can be quite difficult during a pandemic. With people reluctant to go out, interaction can be very limited. However, online forums are there to help you keep in touch and communicate with society.

Platforms like Reddit and ReachOut will allow you to be anonymous as you write out your thoughts and problems, with other users positively responding too. You can even consult with them on the most trivial things, like finding the best hair removal services in Guelph or teeth whitening in Brampton. And, for sure people will be typing away, ready to help.

7. Meditate and Relax

The noise of your work and home life can be quite deafening. With so many problems and thoughts swirling around your head, it can get stressful fast. So, find a time for silence and self-reflection.

You can be in your living room, garden, or balcony, simply sit down, take a breath, and clear your mind.  A good meditation can be as short or as long as you want. Just make sure to turn off any sensory distraction and fully give yourself to the process.

8. Exercise and Stretch

Maintaining a healthy physique is vital in this pandemic. Any comorbidity can negatively affect your body during vaccination or COVID 19 infection. Through regular exercise, you’ll be able to stay active and keep your heart healthily pumping. Exercising at home can be difficult with limited space, but there are plenty of tutorials out there that can help you perform well.

With the pandemic creating extra stressors and challenges to your work and personal life, it’s okay to feel overwhelmed. However, most people often feel guilty for taking time to rest and having a day off.

Self-care is not a waste of your personal time, but a way to improve oneself for the next day. It’s a crucial act of self-preservation that usually gets left out in today’s toxic hustle culture. So, don’t feel hesitant to prioritize yourself, take a day off and practice these self-care habits.

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