May 27, 2024

The Perfect Bra After a Breast Reduction Surgery – 2024

Normally, you will feel like flaunting your breast after a successful breast reduction procedure. Who would not want to have a peek of the firmest and round breast on a perfect body? Maybe not so fast. There are various factors to consider when choosing the perfect bra after a breast lift.

Follow through to understand how to wear bras after a breast reduction surgery.

Recovery Bras

Immediately you come from the procedure, you will be wearing the surgical bras. You have to keep these bras on for the first week. The recovery period then lasts for around two weeks. In this period you have to follow the doctor’s instructions on wearing surgical bras, support bandages, and other supportive bras.

You are likely to experience some sores and swelling on the breast in this period. As such, you should not be in a hurry to look for a long-term bra. The breast is also susceptible to size changes at this point.

Transition Bras

Once the recovery phase is complete, the next is the transition where you let go of the surgical bras and use the transition ones. The surgeon would recommend you wear non-wired supportive bras during the day and night. You will keep this bra-wearing routine until the fourth week. A breast reduction surgery transition period is always after four weeks.

Feel free to wear any bra until the sixth week, as long as it is not wired. At this point, the breast might still be numb and an underwire would turn them sore.

Long term Bras

Your breast takes around three months after the breast reduction surgery to hit the optimum size and position. At this time you are sure of the bra you need to support your breasts while making you feel beautiful. However, don’t be in a hurry to heal. Some breasts can take up to six months to heal completely.

Even though healed most liposuction Sydney surgeons suggest you don’t wear wired bras to avoid irritations. Instead, wear the normal bras that support the breast while giving them the necessary lift. Given the wide range of normal bras, choose one that matches your breast size at that time.

You can also opt for sports bras for their movement and motion restrictions. They offer full support for the breasts and reduce pain and discomfort when exercising.

Can you go braless after a breast reduction surgery?

Given the freedom and good feeling after a breast reduction surgery, it’s normal to feel like not wearing a bra. Well, you might do that in the long; not just immediately after the procedure. You need around 6 -8 weeks after the procedure to consider going braless.

Wearing a bra after the surgery supports the breasts to keep the tissues intact when healing. The skin around the breasts tends to be pulled together during a breast reduction procedure. Wearing a bra would ensure the longevity of the results from the procedure.

Wearing the appropriate bra after a breast reduction improves your healing. Talk to your doctor for advice on the best bras to use after the procedure.


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