April 20, 2024

Buying the Perfect Western Hat for Women – 2023

Western Hat – Choosing the perfect hat can seem overwhelming, especially considering the many hat styles available. If you have tried on dozens of hats without success, you may want to consider your face shape to help you choose a hat.

The hat is not a mere accessory, so you have to know how to choose and combine it. Here are some basic guidelines for you to choose the one that best suits your style.

Buy a hat to suit you. You may not have paid attention to it, but manufacturers make hats by size, not by a random head measurement. So take your time to choose the right size for you. If you want to buy womens black cowboy hat, know that the size will different from that of a Fedora hat.

Each hat has definite characteristics, so their measurements will be different. A standard Fedora in size may feel a little loose from that of a Pamela hat of the same size.

Each combination of clothes has a hat

How are you going to wear a Pamela to go to a job interview? It is best to have several hats with different styles. As always, we suggest you choose them in the basic colors – black, grey, navy blue, beige and white. Then go expanding your stock with other colors, prints, headdresses and finishes.

Wear a hat according to your height

The hat must be proportional to the height of the wearer. That is, for small people the hat should be too. One technique to be sure of the size of the hat is that the brims of the Western Hat should not exceed the width of your shoulders, unless you are tall enough and want attention.

Tall people, especially women, do not like a small hat. If you have a thick build, the right hat for you is one whose wings are medium or small. Try to make it high cup so you look stylized.

A hat can be worn parallel to the ground, straight, sideways or backwards. As long as the hat model allows such a fit and suits the shape of the face.

According to the shape of your face

A hat is a frame for the face, just like hair. It can do wonders by helping us balance our features or it can enhance what we do not like, so we must choose it with both the shape of the face and the hairstyle in mind. It does not matter especially if you wear your hair loose, in a braid or very short, the important thing is that you arrange your hair to integrate with the hat and form the right frame.

Round face –

The best ones will be those that draw attention to the top of the head, such as those with a high crown or some decoration on top. Very small brims (close to the head) and wide crowns are contraindicated, as are hats with a generally rounded shape, especially in the crown.

Long face –

In this case, what we want is to make the face appear wider. For this, you can wear hats with a rounded crown and large wings that fall to the height of the cheekbones. Do not wear high top hats, because they will highlight the length of your face.

Square face –

Western Hat with brims and medium-sized rounded tops will help disguise the shapes of your face. You can also wear hats that are worn at an angle or with uneven brims, but try to have smooth lines, never straight.

Heart-shaped face –

A hat with long, drooping brims, at the height of the jaw, will give the feeling that the chin is fuller. Do not wear hats with straight brims, which widen the temples.

According to your body

Of course, there are also other considerations when deciding on a hat, such as your body shape.

If you are short –

A medium top hat with small brims will help you appear taller. Never choose one that is too big, whose wings are wider than your shoulders, because you could look like a mushroom.

If you are tall –

You can wear hats with wide and dropped brims, with a shorter crown. Do not wear too small or narrow hats because they will increase the feeling that you are big.

If you are thick –

Your hat should have a slightly high and stiff crown, which will slim you down. Hats with wide tops do not suit you.

In the end

Finally, we are left to worry about how the hats go with the clothes. It is not very difficult to find small fedora-type hats in neutral colors, such as grey, black or beige in stores. A simple trick to combine clothes with summer hats is to place a ribbon in the color of the dress. It is not necessary for the Western Hat to match the color of the other accessories.

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