June 25, 2024

Career Options with Psychology BSc – 2024

When most people hear the word psychology, they instantly envision a person like Sigmund Freud sitting in a darkened room providing psychoanalysis to a client.

If you are interested in psychology, you may think that earning a degree or even other qualifications in this area can only lead to this sort of outcome. In 2022, psychology is one of the most diverse degree programs and can provide you with access to a wider range of jobs than other types of social sciences.

So, read on to learn more about where a degree in psychology can take your career.


The most obvious place that an online psychology degree will take you is into the field of clinical practice or training as a psychologist. However, please note that a BSc in psychology will not instantly make you a psychologist. You will have to undertake additional training in master’s programs and even a Ph.D. in counseling or psychotherapy. Nevertheless, to get into such programs, you will need to have a degree in psychology as a starting point.


Many people who are not familiar with the field of psychology degrees are unaware that there is a large research element to them, usually involving statistics or qualitative research. Once you have completed your degree, one thing you could do if you enjoy this area is to become a researcher. In most cases, you will need to start as a research assistant for a university or private practice, but over time, you can earn your Ph.D. in psychology research.

Social Worker

Many people who have studied psychology go on to become social workers, and this is no surprise. There is a large overlap in these two areas. Most social workers’ work involves communicating effectively with families and individuals struggling with their lives, addiction, or mental health. You will have to undertake additional training depending on the state that you are in.

Human Resource Manager

Human resources are a key part of the majority of universities and businesses. Once again, there is a very real element of this role that will involve you talking to your colleagues about sensitive issues, such as sexual harassment in the workplace and inappropriate behaviors. Human resource is an area that does require additional training but, compared to other areas on this list, is easier to get into if you have a psychology degree.


Last but not least, you can become a teacher, either training younger children and teenagers in the area of psychology or just a teacher in general! Many people who undertake psychology degrees go on to train in the area of special educational needs (SEN), which then allows them to work with children who may have behavioral issues, such as autism spectrum disorder. You can train in other areas of education, too, such as working with children who may have more complex needs or even educating children who may be in a juvenile detention center. Alternatively, you can train in early childhood education and work as a general teacher in a preschool, helping children to develop in this age category.

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