July 16, 2024

7 Important Hygiene Tips for Cats – 2024

Keeping a kitten isn’t easy. As adorable as these little creatures might be, cleaning after them is tiring. Above all, you have to tend to their needs and make your home safe for them. Amongst all the responsibilities that fall on the shoulders of a pet owner, keeping a check on hygiene is the most significant one.

Unhygienic conditions create problems for the owner and their cat. Your kitten might develop health issues that prove to be life-threatening if not resolved in time. Thus, every pet owner must take extra precautions to keep their residence clean and germ-free. Here are some helpful hygiene tips to keep your cats healthy and happy.

Bathe Your Cats

Cats love to play outside or in the sand, which causes them to get dirty quickly. Dirt and dust can accumulate within their furs. Animals with too much fur face even more problems. You must bathe them regularly, or their body will get stinky and messy.

With an extensive bath, you can get rid of all unwanted dirt particles. Most cats hate the thought of coming close to the water, but it is a necessity. According to Phoenix Animal Hospital experts, “caring for your dog or cat is a responsibility that can’t be taken lightly”. So, you have to be able to take the best decisions for them.

While bathing your pet, don’t forget to use a top-quality shampoo. It will help in the cleaning process and make your pet smell fragrant.

Vacuum Your Home Everyday

Cats shed a lot of furs. It could be due to any reason, but you must clean after them. As a pet owner, your duties include keeping pets happy and cleaning after them. So it’s better to regularly vacuum the premises.

If you own a long-haired cat, it will shed excessive fur in every corner, so you need powerful vacuums. Don’t forget to vacuum the rugs, mats, and carpets because that is the place with a maximum number of hairs.

Once your home is clean and hair free, you won’t experience any allergic reactions.

Frequently Change Litter Pans

No matter what animal you bring to your home, you must provide it with litter pans and change them regularly. Poor odors will spread everywhere if you don’t clear litter pans. Furthermore, it might lead to an outbreak of germs.

Thus, keep the litter pan clear. Use a shovel to scoop out waste particles. Another great option is to use enclosed pans. Since they are covered, there will be a lower risk of anything spilling out.

Some cats don’t like to use full trays. They will refuse to use it, and it affects their health. The best solution is to keep a strict check on the cleanliness of litter pans. Keep litter boxes at an easy-to-reach point and far away from your cat’s food.

Maintain the Cat’s Coat

Kittens love a tidy and clean atmosphere. Most cats start to develop an understanding of hygiene from a very young age. So pet owners must also do a satisfactory job at grooming their pets. One necessary thing is to maintain and brush the cat’s furry coat.

The cleaner you keep a cat’s coat, the healthier your pet will be. It also helps remove ticks and blood-sucking mites.

Keep Your Pet’s Nails Clean

Hygiene isn’t only about bathing and grooming your cat. It also comprises keeping the cat’s nails clean. Kittens have long and sharp nails which must be trimmed in time. Dirt will start to accumulate within nails if they are not maintained.

However, while cutting your pet’s nails, be very careful. You must prevent damage to the fingers and blood vessels. Therefore, it is better to ask for professional help if you are doing this for the first time.

Seeing some trimming videos before starting is a better option.

Care for the Cat’s Oral Hygiene

When you are worried about hygiene, you should also consider oral hygiene. Like humans, cats also need dental checkups. Your kitten’s teeth and gums are sensitive. Even dry food can result in the production of plaque. If your cat’s teeth are not protected, they will start to rot.

So, take them to a trustable dentist after every few weeks. The dentist might recommend a special diet to protect your pet’s teeth. With extra care, your pet will be much safer.

Vaccinations for Your Pet

Last but not least, pet owners must have all their animals vaccinated. Your cat’s body can attract fleas, worms, and various micro-organisms. These result in infections and the weakening of the immune system.

Don’t miss out on even a single vaccination. It is the only way to protect your cat against diseases like cat flu, viruses, and infectious enteritis. Once your pet is fully vaccinated, their immune system gets stronger. They will have a bigger body and a better appetite.

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