June 25, 2024

Does CBD Help the Muscles to Relax? – 2023

After a stressful workout day, we often turn to prescription medications to help relax the muscles. Drugs like valiums or Flexeril are great remedies for muscle spasms, soreness, pain, and tension. Unfortunately, these prescription meds come with several side effects. They can also be addictive, which can cause more problems down the road.

CBD is a natural supplement loved by traditional healers. It is widely recognized because of the benefits it provides. It is a substance derived from the leaves of an industrial hemp plant. Its shows lots of promise as being an alternative treatment for several conditions. And one of those conditions includes muscle pain.

Before you understand how CBD affects the tendons, you have to understand the human endocannabinoid system. Let’s briefly discuss it.

Understanding the Human Endocannabinoid System (ESC)

The importance of the endocannabinoid system cannot be stressed enough. It affects virtually all the physiological parts of the body. This explains the medical benefits associated with cannabidiol and other cannabinoids.

The body produces its cannabinoids. They are chemical messengers that moderate several functions in the brain and body. For example, serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter released from a presynaptic cell, moves across the synapse and bonds with a postsynaptic cell.

Note that synapse is the space between the neurons. The ESC is located in the central and peripheral nervous systems. When CBD is administered, it goes straight to the ESC, hence improving its performance.

Is CBD an Effective Muscle Relaxant

Yes, CBD is a great muscle relaxant. When muscle contracts, it is because cannabinoids in the central nervous system move to the tendons, forcing them to contract. When there is an insufficient supply of endocannabinoids, the body performs poorly.

So, CBD, when consumed, helps to boost the supply of endocannabinoids. It aids in slowing down the flow of cannabinoids. This results in a two-fold effect. Firstly, the tendons are relaxed and free, and secondly, there is a reduction of spasticity.

Everyone who has worked out before know what it feels like to have sore muscles. When we work out, there is a minor tear in the muscle. This, in turn, causes inflammation, resulting in soreness and fatigue. This muscle fatigue and soreness is the primary reason why most people can’t work out effectively. Most people use anti-inflammatory drugs to recover their muscles. And some simply consume alcohol to ease the pain.

CBD is known to have anti-inflammatory properties. These properties help to ease pain and relax the muscles. Taking a few hits of hemp products can help anyone relax better after a workout. It also improves the recovery time after an exercise.

Most people enjoy consuming CBD as a joint. They smoke it so as it can quickly get into the bloodstream. However, if you want to use CBD to relax your muscles, apply a CBD-infused cream, ointment or salve directly to your muscles. It will be more effective and quicker to witness results. You can check here for more on cannabis for pain and arthritis.

Why are Athletes and Sports Professionals Using CBD?

Athletes consume CBD simply to help with their muscle strains. This occurs when fibers are pulled or overstretched. When you put too much pressure on your muscles, it results in strain.

This pressure can be forced upon through sporting activities. Strains can affect any muscles, but most common in the neck, lower back, shoulder, and hamstring.

Are There Natural Ways to Treat Muscle Strain?

There are natural ways to deal with strains. Below are some of them:


Rest is the first thing you need when you are feeling strains. Try to relax your body for a few days and get proper sleep. Still, you do not want to over rest your strained tendons. Too much rest can get you weak.

Applying Ice

Most athletes apply ice to injuries to avoid swelling. Apply ice on your sore areas to free up the tension is a smart idea. Do so for about 15 to 20 minutes. Make sure you do not apply ice directly to your skin. Wrap in a towel, and apply on the affected area. Using ice directly to the skin can cause irritation.


Cover the sore area with an elastic bandage. This will compress the area, thereby reducing pain and swelling. Avoid wrapping the area too tight to allow for proper blood circulation.


Elevation implies that you keep the sore area above your heart level. It would help if you did so, especially at night. Doing so will help to reduce swelling.

Applying CBD

As previously discussed, organic hemp has anti-inflammatory properties. It also has pain-relieving properties. So, when in pain, hemp products will help to calm you down and relax your system. It is best to use during night time.

For those who don’t know, CBD helps with sleep. The pain and discomfort that comes from the strain in the tendons make it challenging to sleep. Since hemp products are strong sleep inducers, it relieves those discomfort, hence providing a relaxed sleep. .

Final Thoughts

It is possible to treat muscle strain using organic supplements as CBD can effectively relieve the pain and inflammation arising in tendon strains.

You can easily apply CBD oils and balms to the sore area to ease up the tension. You can also choose to vape the hemp with vaporizers to get quick relief.

This article will mostly be helpful to anyone looking for a natural remedy to free up the tension. CBD is one such remedy. Make sure to try it out.

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