June 18, 2024

What are the Different Options for Custom Awards? -2024

Custom awards are an easier and affordable option for your organization than you can realize. No matter whether you are looking at the crystal, glass, art glass, and plaques, custom engraved plaques near me will make your next award ceremony highly memorable.

You can find a wide range of custom awards available to you that you can consider giving to your most deserved worker or employee.

Generally, custom awards come in unique shapes, like awards shaped like logo, building, any of your products, and more. At times you need only one or need 1000 pieces however you are looking for an award that is completely unique in shape. You can find the custom engraved plaques near me in various shapes and designs. Let us check out some top options available right now:


The crystal trophies and awards are the most classic option in the award-giving and the first thing that people often think of when planning the award event. Often crystal is an elegant and timeless choice, adding the touch of class and sophistication to the award ceremony. The crystal products are the only thing that gives a different touch and feels to the award program. You can find a huge collection of custom designs just to that ensure you have trademark awards with you.


Plaques are one of the most stylish and flexible choices for award-giving. You can find many options that make the precise plaque that you need. No matter whether it is the modern acrylic standing award or traditionally mounted brass plaque. The popular material for the plaques is generally made from aluminum, acrylic & brass. Most of the plaques are wall-hung and free-standing.


Acrylic material of awards provides a similar clarity as crystal but the lesser chance of this breaking out. It is much lighter and acrylic is half its weight of glass & seventeen times strong. Also, it is impact resistant & unaffected by salt spray or sun. Acrylic is a polymer meaning it’s a material made from different parts. Acrylic is the most versatile, material tooled, and machined to accommodate various sizes and shapes. It can be colored as per your requirements. Also, acrylic weathers well and maintains clarity over years without even breaking down the colors or exposed to the sunlight over a period of time.

Wooden Awards

Wood is also used for creating custom awards in many different sizes, shapes, colors, grains, and stains. The shape of the wood sculptures will range from wood pillars to complex designs designed by skilled wood artisans. The surfaces of wood sculptures are laser engraved with custom symbols, text, and logos. The wood awards also can be adorned with many other award elements, like custom medallions and engraved metal bands, for creating awesome material awards.


The metal award allows the higher level of modification or customization as these awards are thin or thick, cast in various shapes as well as polished to a high sheen. Some high-profile metal awards are the Grammys and Oscars that are completely metal casts. Generally using steel or aluminum, the metal awards will allow clients higher flexibility of the design. Since they are multi-dimensional using several layers or used in the conjunction with various other materials and make the most memorable award. Metal awards will take different forms from the custom aluminum plate through bespoke-made cast awards, these awards are designed to suit various occasions and budgets.

Normally using steel or aluminum, the metal awards allow the clients a higher variety of design flexibility. Since they are multidimensional using several layers or used with other materials that will make a memorable award

Final Words

With all the given flexibility and a sheer number of choices that are available. The award design and production team award still can relate closely with any company looking to make the custom awards, designing customized designs by using the above-listed award materials. Additionally, after working with the manufacture on the right design, the organizations may have the ability to sign off on the proposed mockups before these plaques or trophies are sent to production. The efforts will range from working in the current templates, taking the inspiration, and original ideas.

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