April 20, 2024

Tips To Keep Your Dentures in a Good Condition – 2023

Dentures – Sometimes losing teeth is inevitable, but the lost teeth impact the quality of a smile, preventing one from smiling often. Permanent implant dental replacement might be ideal for dealing with lost teeth, but they are expensive and require a huge financial investment. However, you could opt for Laguna Beach dentures which are cheap and temporary replacements for lost teeth. The dentures promote better smiling, increase the surface area for chewing and improve your confidence. However, it would be best if you learned these proper care tips which extend denture life. 

Take Care When Handling the Dentures

The dentures are made of strong porcelain material, but they might break if not handled well. Thus, you can place the dentures in a soft material before placing them on the counter. It is easy to drop dentures when cleaning. Thus, you should be careful and place them in the holding case when done with the cleaning.

Brush Gently

Although the dentures require cleaning like the other teeth in the arch, abrasive brushing might result in fine lines and chips on the surface. Thus, you can use a gentle brush on the dentures and don’t chip or create lines on their surface.

You can start by soaking the dentures, as it makes it easy to remove all the bacteria and tartar on the surface. You can opt for a gentle cleaner, as soaking the dentures in a strong solution could affect their surface. After soaking, you may use dish soap and a denture brush to remove the debris and bacteria. You can rinse the dentures every time you eat as it removes the food particles which could create tartar and host harmful bacteria.

Reline the Dentures

Once people get the dentures, they will wear them for more than two years without relining, but this is detrimental to denture health. You can let the dentist inspect the dentures annually and avoid using denture adhesive when the dentures are misaligned. Loose dentures are prone to breakage as they are not aligned to provide a natural biting surface. The jawbone and the boney ridge might recede gradually over time, resulting in the dentures’ misalignment. Thus you could opt for dental implants in the long run as it prevents bone loss at the jaw and the boney ridge.

Keep the Dentures in a Case

Most dentures come in a case, and you should keep them safely to avoid damage. You can keep them in water or denture solution to keep them moist as it creates the same environment as the mouth. You can keep them away from children and pets as they can damage your dentures.

Have a Spare Denture

The dentures may break, leaving you feeling vulnerable, making it necessary to have a spare at all times. Although you may use glue to repair the damaged dentures, this will not be a permanent solution.

Dentures are versatile and the best alternative when you lose your teeth in the short term. They are the least costly and would replace the lost teeth before you seek a permanent solution like dental implants. However, you can learn how to improve denture longevity even if they are a temporary solution for lost teeth. You can begin by handling the dentures carefully and storing them in a case with denture solution to moisturize. Finally, reline the dentures as needed and wash them often to avoid oral odors and bacterial buildup in the mouth.

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