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What is Fitness?

Under the meaning of Fitness, there are two closely related definitions. First of all, we understand Fitness as the state of physical health and well-being achieved by leading a healthy life supported by continuous exercise over time and a healthy diet. Second, Fitness is also defined as repeated gymnastic exercises several times a week to achieve the good physical shape. These exercises are usually performed in exact sports spaces, such as gyms.

The objectives of this sport are to increase aerobic endurance, have greater flexibility, achieve muscular strength, achieve localized muscular strength and achieve body balance (it has to respect percentages of what is considered healthy in muscles, bones, and fat).

For years Fitness has been on the rise in the United States, but its importance has already spread to Europe and some countries in South America, such as Colombia. Athletes who attend this sport usually perform series of races, squats, push-ups, and jumps combined with exercises from disciplines such as breakdance.


If the athlete maintains a balanced exercise program, the advantages of this discipline are:

  • Improved aerobic endurance. The exercises are carried out several times a week, thus increasing the development of the cardiorespiratory system and, therefore, resistance.
  • It strengthens the physical condition, both internal and external, which also implies an increase in the self-esteem of the person who practices it.
  • It reduces the risk of developing diseases such as obesity or cardiovascular risks, such as having high cholesterol, hypertension, etc.
  • Avoid stress. This type of high-impact sports action exercise helps the athlete relax and have a lower risk of anxiety or depression.

Fitness vs. Bodybuilding

Fitness vs. Bodybuilding

In the United States, there is likely a category called Fitness in bodybuilding competitions. However, although Fitness’s appearance has displaced women’s participation in bodybuilding, they are not similar since, in bodybuilding, there is competition for aesthetics. In contrast, in Fitness, the participants have to perform a series of exercises.

The main differences between these two concepts are:

  • Fitness aims to improve the state of the body by training the muscles. Bodybuilding only seeks to strengthen muscles.
  • Fitness implies in some cases that body mass is lost. Bodybuilding requires that body mass be increased.
  • In Fitness, athletes combine aerobic and anaerobic exercises, while in bodybuilding, they mainly perform anaerobic strength exercises.

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