June 18, 2024

Floss Your Teeth With Braces by Trying These 5 Tips – 2023

In the United States, approximately four million wear braces to correct their smile.

If you or a family member recently got braces, then you know how challenging it can be to clean between them. In this article, we will share with you five tips to get not only a straight but also a clean smile.

Read on to learn how to floss your teeth with braces.

1. Get the Right Tools

If you just got your new braces or your child is getting them, learning how to floss properly is key to maintain your oral health. The best way to maintain your oral health with braces is by setting yourself up with the right tools.

It might take a little time for you to find the floss and toothpaste that works for you.

Other dental procedures require you to take extra steps to care for your oral health, such as crowns. Talk to your dentist about When are Dental Crowns Needed if you believe you can benefit from one.

2. Waxed Floss

Because unwaxed floss can get caught on your braces, it’s better if you use waxed floss to prevent strands of floss from getting left behind.

Start by cutting a generous string of waxed floss and slipping it between each tooth as you would normally, but make sure also to slip it through each bracket.

If your child has braces, it might take them twice as long to floss, so give them some time to adjust.

3. Water Flosser

A water flosser is another effective way to supplement flossing when you have braces. The purpose of water flossers is to get between your teeth and remove plaque and debris that might have accumulated there.

Also, most water flossers come with different tips for optimal cleaning.

Because many people find it challenging to use regular floss, water flossing is the perfect solution when having braces. Not only will water flossing keep your braces clean, but it can also prevent gum disease.

4. Interdental Cleaner

Unlike traditional flossers, interdental cleaners are preferred by some who want to clean their braces deep.

An interdental cleaner is made up of a small handle and a polypropylene tip designed to remove food particles.

5. Orthodontic Flossers

Orthodontic flossers are similar to floss picks, but they’re specifically designed for braces. These flossers have a plastic little handle, and dental floss is attached to the other end.

Although they’re quite similar to the floss picks in design, the design is perfect for cleaning in between braces. It would be impossible to clean in-between braces using a floss pick.

Because it has a handle, an orthodontic flosser is easier to use to clean braces than traditional floss.

This Is How to Floss Your Teeth With Braces

Now that you know how to floss your teeth with braces, you can make your mouth health a priority.

Although flossing in-between braces is challenging, you can make it easier by using a water flosser, interdental cleaner, orthodontic flosser, and waxed floss.

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