October 3, 2023

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health and fitness write for us

Health and Fitness Write for Us


Although it may sound strange, Fitness is a state that lacks a precise definition. Most of us use the term without really knowing what we are talking about. The fitness industry doesn’t offer explanations, and neither does the medical industry.

A similar unruly arises when one tries to obtain a correct definition of health. Examining his college textbook, Pathological Bases of Disease, Doug discovered that although this book had no difficulty defining pathology, it did not present a health report in any of its sections. We searched extensively in the scientific literature during our preparation to write this book, including many medical textbooks, searching for a report. We were surprised to find that the terms health and Fitness — continually interchanged between the fields of medicine, health care, and fitness training — have never been given a universal and unanimous definition.


As a general rule, people refer to health and Fitness as two associated terms. Widespread assumption dictates that as an individual’s level of physical fitness increases, the level of health rises with him. Unfortunately, there is no direct scientific relationship between these two conditions. You see, the human body is never static; it is a dynamic organism that maintains a perpetual balance between breakdown (catabolism) and genesis (anabolism).

That is how your blood clotting system works, for example. It continually destroys and clots, maintaining a balance between viscosity and clotting to ensure continuous flow while containing any bleeding that occurs (but not excessively aggressively to cause arterial blockage and heart attacks). Your balance of pH, blood gases, hormone levels, electrolytes, fluid levels, and other complex processes are constantly changing and transforming and are also catabolic and anabolic. Life, in essence, depends on this precise balance between the catabolic and anabolic state, and it is this balance that defines the health of the organism.

Health: A physiological national in which there is a lack of disease or pathology, maintaining the necessary biological balance between the anabolic and catabolic states.

The body’s ability to maintain this balance between the catabolic and anabolic states manifests itself as the ability to make adaptive adjustments, which allow its survival. Every day your body must face numerous challenges, such as exposure to the elements of the weather, muscle action, or the presence of pathogens. If you don’t adapt successfully to these challenges, you are not prepared to survive. It can be said that Fitness (physical aptitude) is the organism’s ability to resist, recover from, and adapt to environmental threats in the form of stress-producing agents that act on the organism.

Fitness: The bodily state of being physiologically capable of handling challenges above a calm activity threshold.

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