September 29, 2023

Health & Wellness Write For Us, Submit and Contribute Post

Health and Wellness Write For Us

Health and Wellness Write For Us

Health and Wellness Write For Us

The terms health and wellness are regularly used synonymously. Although a person cannot have one and the other, they are two different concepts that are very variable, and their meanings are different. The WHO defines wellbeing as “the optimal state of health of individuals and groups,” and wellbeing is expressed as “a positive outlook on life.” The main difference between health and wellness is that health is the goal, and wellness is the active process to achieve it. You can’t be healthy without first achieving wellbeing. Well-being directly impacts overall health, which is essential for a strong, happy, and fulfilling life. We welcome contributors who are searching for Health and Wellness write for us, Health and Wellness guest post and submit post to write on

Health Vs Wellness

While you can’t make choices about your state of health, you can make a conscious choice to make wellness choices by living your life responsibly and taking proactive measures for your wellbeing.

  1. Health includes diagnosis of illness, predisposition to disease, and any sudden injury.
  2. Wellness is an operational procedure of growth and change to achieve your maximum health and wellbeing. It is associated with the active pursuit of activities, decision making and lifestyle changes, control of risk factors that can harm a person, focus on nutrition, balanced diet, and spiritual applies that lead to total health.
  3. Alcohol consumption: can cause liver damage, strokes, heart disease, and cancer.
  4. Unprotected sex: spreads sexually transmitted diseases
  5. Physical activity / extreme sports: This can lead to broken bones and other injuries.

How Many Dimensions of Wellbeing Are There?

  1. Intellectual: Spiritual movement and participation through learning, problem-solving, and creativity support intellectual wellbeing and promote better attitudes. People who learn new clothes and challenge their minds can avoid mental health problems.
  2. Emotional: A person with emotional wellbeing can deal with demanding situations. A person who is aware of their approaches has good self-esteem and empathy for the feelings of others that they would have emotional wellbeing.
  3. Environment: Awareness of the role we play in improving, rather than denigrating, our natural environment and maintaining and living in a healthy, harmless physical environment promotes wellbeing.
  4. Social: Social circles and support networks are invaluable to a person’s overall wellbeing. Maintaining relationships, interacting and contributing to a community, building good interpersonal relationships, and maintaining long-term relationships with family and friends style a person happier and healthier.

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