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Health Science Write for Us


Health Science Write for Us

Health science is the study of applied science that deals with human physical and behavioral well-being.

A degree in Health Sciences is the award given to graduates of this science-focused program. It is typically offered at the bachelor’s level. Students who complete a Health Sciences degree can begin careers in research or care applications.

Research skills are typically laboratory-based research occupations that require someone to constantly push boundaries and develop new medical processes – such as oncology or cancer research.

On the other hand, application skills are practical professions that require direct work with patients or tests that patients need to regain health.

What can I study in Health Sciences?

Health sciences is a vast field that offers a wide variety of science courses, starting in high school and continuing as college students pursue an undergraduate or graduate degree program. Students can learn different types of health science courses depending on their educational level:


The treatment, diagnosis, and prevention of diseases belong to Medicine, a discipline found in the health sciences. Its objective is to end the ailments that cause alterations in the human body. It is a vast branch. The specializations that derive from it are essential to the health of the individual.

Nutrition and Dietetics is another health discipline. Nursing deals with the maintenance of patients at a delicate level and ambulatory patients, its job also consists of providing help to the doctor. The work of specialists is to suggest and educate the whole person with eating problems and indicate the best nutrition to be carried.

Dentistry specialists are in charge of oral care, preventing diseases, and healing ailments. Finally, pharmacists are responsible for supplying, recommending, and formulating medicines to patients according to the symptoms and the diagnosis established by the doctor.

The contributions of the health sciences have conditioned and improved the quality of life of people. Some of them were treatments against skin diseases, leprosy and leishmaniasis, thanks to the Venezuelan Jacinto Convit, a scientist who invented the vaccine against this disease. Another contribution was the contraceptive created by the Mexican chemist Luis Ernesto Miramontes between 1950 and 1960. It is the most used worldwide.

Computerized axial tomography (CT) is also part of the contributions, and it is adjusted to X-ray equipment, especially with computers that promote images of the body’s interior. Antibiotics also enter this list, and these drugs are used to combat infections that can cause death.

Each of the ramifications and contributions of the health sciences has become essential for humanity. It is crucial to mention that this science is constantly evolving because research contributions to society can arise.

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