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Healthy Communities Write for Us

healthy communities write for us

Healthy Communities:

It is a process that allows individuals and communities to exercise control over their health. Its actions aim to strengthen individuals’ skills and capacities and modify social, environmental, and economic conditions.

It contributes to developing public policies at the national, regional, and community levels, translating into opportunities for individuals, families, and communities to access healthier environments and lifestyles.

The strategic objectives that guide the program are the following:

  • Promote the formulation and implementation of local policies to promote health in the community, work, and educational settings, building opportunities for individuals, families, and communities to access environments that facilitate healthy lifestyles.
  • Promote the incorporation of workplaces, educational establishments, higher education institutions, and a voluntary process of diagnosing their environments, with the possibility of developing continuous improvement programs to achieve recognition as a Health Promoting Environment.
  • Encourage citizen participation in managing regional public policies in the health sector and health promotion actions at the local level.
  • Strengthen the expression, at the local level and in the healthcare network establishments, of the Health Promotion Strategy, and in particular, the ministerial programs contain components of said strategy.
  • Strengthen the health promotion function (leadership, advocacy, and negotiation) in the Health Seremis, based on their legal framework and the government’s political priorities.


The Healthy Municipalities, Communes, and Communities Strategy of the Health Promotion Program is founded on the leadership of local governments that seek better health and quality of life, which requires the agreement of political, technical, and financial will at all levels of management.

The communes are the natural space where people are born, live, grow, create links and networks for their development, in this way, they are a privileged area of ​​intervention because it contains personal, family, community, and institutional resources closest to the communities.

The Municipalities: They have essential tools to intervene in the different levels of influence of behavior such as individual, family, and community through assistance programs of the Municipality and Primary Care, generating healthy environments through the installation of community equipment and recovering public spaces for social participation and healthy life, at the organizational level through actions linked to recognition systems in health promotion such as Establishments, Health Promoting Educational Institutions, Health Promoting Higher Education Institutions, and Health Promoting Workplaces, along with other actions implemented in the Municipality and finally at the public policy level, generating healthy policies through municipal ordinances, mayoral decrees, regulations, the municipal budget, PLADECO, Regulatory Plan, among others.

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