February 23, 2024

How Do You Hold A Hockey Stick Properly? – 2024

Hockey Stick – Before you learn how to play, you must learn how to hold the stick in the correct position. There is no one perfect angle. The angle at which you hold your hockey stick will change many times during the game – it just depends on what position you are playing at the time, such as dribbling, hitting, or pushing. If you learn how to hold the hockey stick properly, it will make your hits even more powerful and will also help you control the puck better.

What is a Technique?

The technique is the specific succession of movements (which is of utmost importance precisely in learning and training it), complete or partial (considering the body as a unit that includes coordination, anatomical and physiological factors), as a solution to a problem—dynamics problem generated in a sporting situation.

Development of the Technique

There are three basic stick shots: clap, watch, and pan shot. However, using the intermediate image will allow us to have more possibilities to enrich our technical gestures. The grip of the club is like a grip in tennis. Using the correct one and changing them subtly and quickly, without the opponent noticing, will make a player different and help the play’s success or technical gesture.

Take Applause

It is done as follows: Place the stick diagonally in front of the body with the tip of the pipe upwards and the flat face of the post to the left. After that place the left hand with its back in the same direction. Then below from this add the right hand that has its back in the opposite direction. In short, the position of the hands is similar to the action of clapping, hence the shot’s name. It is the shot to perform the punching gesture, among other motions.

Take Clock

The stick is placed in front of the body from left to right, with its face flat. The post takes the upper part of the grip with the left hand, and then the right hand is added below the left. Once the above is done, the fingers of both hands rearrange on the stick. It is the shot to perform the dribbling, among other gestures. It call a watch because it is as if you wanted to look at the clock on your left wrist.

Take the Sarten from Jab

The stick is taken by the upper part of the grip with the left hand so that the “V” shaped by the index finger and the thumb of said hand coincides with the flat face of the stick. Then, the right hand adds. It is the take to perform the technical gesture of the jab, hence its name. It is also known as a frying pan.

Details to Consider

It is essential first to incorporate the traditional shots since they guarantee we can perform the most critical technical gestures.

There are three traditional takes: create and use.

Get Comfortable

You need to get comfortable with your stick. All hockey sticks are made for right-handed people, which means if you are a leftie, it may take you a little while to get used to your stick. Hold it and swing it a few times, even if you feel like you are doing something wrong or have absolutely no idea what you are doing.

It will help you get over some of the fear or anxiety about your new hockey stick. And you will feel more comfortable practicing on it. Once you get comfortable with your hockey stick, you can adjust holding it to your style of playing. Remember, comfort is key.

Choose the Right One

You must choose it that fits you perfectly, according to your height, and style of playing, and taking into account other factors such as the blade lie, blade flex, and blade curve. Your stick, when standing parallel to you in between your feet, should be as high as your nose. It should in no circumstance be lower than your chin or higher than your eyebrows.

Choosing a stick that is right for you can be the key to unleashing your full potential as a hockey player. One store that offers a wide variety of hockey sticks is Total Hockey. They have hockey sticks that incorporate the latest technology and the highest-rated Total Hockey – Sticks from various hockey stick brands.

Basic Grip

The first step is to get the basic grip down. Put your right hand on the base of the hockey stick (the “grip”), and your left hand should be placed at the top of the stick. The place where your thumb and index finger will meet is called the “V.” The “V” on both your hands should be facing the curved part of your stick. This basic grip can be used to dribble, but it can also be used to maneuver the hockey stick while playing in different positions. This basic grip provides a good sense of control over the hockey stick.

Moving on to other Grips

Make sure you have good control over the basic grip first. After you have practiced this a handful of times, you can then move on to practicing other grips. Such as the Reverse Grip, the Double V, and the Short-handle Grip. All of these grips are a little bit more complicated than the basic grip and require a little bit more practice but are easy enough to get.

Getting the basic grip down for any of the grips mentioned above can be hard and can feel awkward at first. However, once you practice them enough, you will be able to adjust them to the way you feel most comfortable!

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