December 1, 2023

How to Destress and Sleep Better? [2023]

One of the most common struggles that people have is the challenge of getting a full, refreshing, night of sleep. It’s not abnormal at all to feel like you struggle with getting the kind of sleep that you need, this is something that many people can experience and you are not alone. That’s why Asystem developed a solution for people like you who are looking to not only sleep more but actually sleep better.

Asystem’s destress gummies help to naturally promote your body’s rest and unwind pathways that can help lead you to a place of less stress and better quality sleep. If you’ve been wondering how you can naturally improve the quality of your sleep, here is everything you need to know.

What’s the Difference Between More Sleep and Good Sleep?

This is a question that can really help you hone in on why you need to check out Asystem’s destress gummies because they are built with your health in mind. When a person struggles with not getting adequate sleep it can be tempting to think that the solution is simply getting ‘more sleep’. While this may be the case for some who don’t struggle with falling asleep and simply have too little time to sleep, for many people tho this isn’t a good solution.

When you sleep, your mind goes through four stages of sleep that are vitally important for what is known as a sleep cycle. Each stage of the sleep cycle has a specific goal and helps to recharge your body in specific and unique ways. This is how your body rejuvenates everything from your tired and sore muscles to your brain power that quite literally regenerates overnight.

When you are struggling with the quality of your sleep, there are factors that are affecting how you sleep and specifically your body’s natural ability to complete sleep cycles. A lot of times, these factors can’t be fixed by simply adding more time to your sleep schedule.

Symptoms of Stress-induced Sleep Problems?

So how do you know that your sleep problems aren’t directly tied to the amount of time your spend in bed? While a physician should always be consulted for serious concerns about your health, there are some things to look out for. For instance, if you feel like you aren’t struggling to fall asleep, but you are still waking up tired after an adequate amount of time, you may have other issues that affect your sleep quality.

Also, how you feel when you wake up is a good indicator of whether your problems are the pillow or not. If you feel anxious and worried in the morning, then you could be experiencing too much cortisol at that time of day, which can lend itself to problems sleeping.

Gummies That Promote Natural Pathways

This is why Asystem developed a gummy that promotes your body’s natural ability to mitigate and deal with stress. By lowering your stress naturally, you can help your body achieve better quality sleep that will impact your health and help you feel rested and restored in the morning.

Saffron In the Mix

One of the incredible ingredients found in Asystem’s gummies is a special saffron extract. This extract has been shown in ten different studies to help stabilize emotional mood and decreased anxiety. This helps your body to naturally experience stress and stress-related hormones and keeps you from losing out on poor-quality sleep.

Powerhouse Ingredients

But saffron extract isn’t the only ingredient that these gummies utilize. Designed and supported by research in the scientific community, these gummies have a rich ingredients label with lemon balm, Panax ginseng, and extracts from lion’s mane and Rhodiola. All of these ingredients have been scientifically shown to help promote your mind’s natural ability to regulate your stress hormones and promote feelings of rest and peace.

This holistic, natural approach to improving your sleep helps you do more than just fall asleep, it promotes your body’s ability to complete full sleep cycles. By supporting your body’s natural pathways to experience full sleep cycles you can say goodbye to groggy mornings where you wake up tired, or anxious.

Daily Gummies Never Tasted So Good

What’s more is that these daily gummies are a safe, addiction-free option to help you gain decreased stress that will lead to better, more fulfilling sleep. GMO-free, gluten-free, and vegan, these low sugar gummies will become a part of your daily routine you look forward to. With two incredibly delicious flavors to choose from, there’s so much to love about Asystem’s gummies you’ll have to try them for yourself!


Don’t continue settling for stress that affects your nightly routines and robs you of sleep that can actually rejuvenate you. Asystem’s destress gummies are designed to help you mitigate stress, promote natural relaxation, and get you the sleep you need to be your best self!

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