April 14, 2024

Using PEMF Mats to Relieve Knee Pain – 2024


Knee Pain affects thousands of people all around the world. Chronic knee pain is a leading medical condition that requires proper medical attention. Not only it affect daily life but also limits your regular mobility.

Besides, knee pain ranks as the second-highest medical condition behind back pain in most patients today. The number of knee problems rose to 70% over the last few years in the entire world. Although the main cause of knee pain is also obesity, it does not account for the dramatic rise in many patients.

The common symptoms of chronic knee pain include severe pain in the ligament along with swelling and inflammation. Most of the time, patients are advised surgery to rectify the problem along with medications, injections, and physical therapy. However, it may offer temporary relief, but it does not rectify the problem at the source. For more details, find here – healthylineoutlet.

What are the Reasons for Knee Pain?

The main reasons for knee pain include injury, torn ligament, joint problem, and other medical symptoms. Besides, other reasons for chronic knee pain include torn meniscus, anterior cruciate ligament injury, fractures, patellar tendinitis, and bursitis.

Injuries not only impact the ligament but also affect the bursae that surround the bones and the cartilage that makes up the entire knee joint. Most of the time, during an injury the cartilage bone breaks and floats into the vacant space between the joints. This can cause severe pain in patients along with delimiting mobility.

The other reasons for [knee pain] include dislocated kneecap, iliotibial band syndrome, foot pain, and hip pain that exerts extra pressure on the knee joint leading to chronic knee pain.

Another major reason for [knee pain] is arthritis. However, most of the time the other types of arthritis that affect patients are septic arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout, and rheumatoid arthritis. Irrespective of the type of [knee pain], it certainly affects daily life along with limiting movements.

Using PEMF Mats for Treating Knee Pain

PEMF mats use electromagnetic fields that are of varying nature and intensity. These waves when passed into the body generates new cell growth along with charging the damaged tissues and cells. However, if you are suffering from chronic [knee pain], using PEMF mats can deliver the best results when put to use at exact intensity for pain.

Using PEMF mats regularly can treat every pain in the body effectively as determining the exact source of the pain is challenging for many people. It is easy to use the PEMF mats at home since it is an effective, and affordable option for relieving [knee pain] at home. For using the PEMF mat at home, you need to put the mat on a comfortable couch, recliner, chair, floor, or anywhere you wish to use it. Then you need to lie on the mat at a pre-programmed feature.

If you want a targeted therapy, you need to put a pillow pad applicator on the affected area. You can even use this applicator with the PEMF mat either before or after a full body treatment.

While you stay lying on the mat, the copper coil on the PEMF mat supplies a low-frequency electromagnetic wave into the body’s magnetic field. These waves gently penetrate into the body that starts healing the cells.

PEMF Mats is an Effective Option for Relieving Knee Pain

Using the PEMF mat for 15-20 regularly can help to lower chronic [knee pain] along with bringing the symptoms to baseline. If the conditions of the [knee pain] are severe, you can extend the duration of the treatment to overnight. For more details, follow here – healthylineoutlet.

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