June 17, 2024

Know About Penis Enlargement Dallas Tx – 2023

For many men, the size of their penis is a concern. It can be a cause of serious depression and loss of self-confidence if a man believes he has a penis that is smaller than average. It’s not just about bragging points, but about his belief in his ability to satisfy a partner. This can lead to him becoming reluctant to enter a relationship or even consider such.

The truth is that most men who believe they have a small penis are mistaken. The average size of a penis in length when flaccid is around 9cm. When erect, the average length is 15cm, with a girth – that is the circumference – of around 12cm. These are not especially large numbers, after all.

This does not stop many men from seeking penis enlargement procedures, and it is far from unusual for a man to visit a doctor and explain his concerns. The question is, do penis enlargement procedures work? And if so, which is the best and safest option? In this article we will answer those questions as best we can and hope to give you advice on your next step forward.

Do Penis Enlargement Procedures Work?

The simple answer is yes, there are penis enlargement procedures that do enhance the size of the penis. They are usually aimed at increasing the girth, as it is this that enhances the sexual performance and pleasure for a partner rather than the length. The procedures that work are generally those provided by a clinic with specialists in this area and require minor surgery. Check out penis enlargement Dallas TX for more information on a recommended procedure that we will talk about in more detail later on.

So, what about all those adverts that pop up on social media and in men’s magazines? You know the ones; they promise extra inches in a few weeks with a special cream or pill. Are they real, and should you try them? Let’s have a brief look at that in detail.

Are There any Off the Shelf Penis Enlargement Solutions?

There are many products on the market that claim to help with a variety of male health problems from erectile disfunction to increasing penis size, but do they work? There is some evidence that there may be benefit in taking pills that enhance the Human Growth Hormone – which is vital to growth of the penis while getting older – and there are many testosterone boosters that do in fact increase the level of testosterone in the body.

However, while testosterone is vital for sexual performance, for keeping an erection, and also for enhancing muscle mass and improved physical and mental health, more testosterone will not make your penis grow. It is fait to say that many of the products make claims that are dubious at best, and supplements are marketed as just that as they are not medically approved by the FDA.

If you are serious about penis enlargement, and that’s usually because a man is suffering depression, anxiety, and loss of self-worth because of things, the sensible route is to talk to a consultant at a clinic such as the one mentioned above. There are various procedures that use hormone replacement therapy. The consultant will explain the preferred procedure and advise you as to what to expect. We want to look at one such procedure that is proving popular and successful in Dallas and elsewhere. It’s called ‘Big D Girth’ so let’s have a closer look at what it’s all about and why many consider it revolutionary

What is Big D Girth?

It is always recommended to find a certified clinic if you want to undergo penis enlargement treatment, so what types are there? All the surgical procedures are minor and involve the injection of hormones – usually synthetic – into the penis to boost the girth and sometimes length. They are quick processes and can be done in a short time but may require several procedures over time to achieve the results.

One of the concerns with the standard procedures is that they require a needle to be inserted several times during the routine. This can lead to blocked arteries and damaged nerves, and also to persistent side-effects such as soreness and a lengthy wait before one can resume sexual activity.

How does the Big D Girth method differ? This revolutionary method involves a highly skilled and trained medical professional inserting a canula beneath the skin of the penis in two locations. This is used to deliver safe and tested fillers that almost immediately enhance the girth of the penis. The advantages are many, including the need for only the two tiny incisions, rather than several.

By being able to deliver controlled amounts of the fillers needed this method is also more efficient and accurate, as well as being the most effective procedure available. What about side effects?

Are There any Side Effects with Big D Girth?

This is a procedure that uses non-permanent and certified safe fillers to enhance the girth of the penis. The procedure itself takes under an hour and involves only a local anaesthetic. The full results can be seen in no more than two weeks, and sexual activity can be safely resumed 10 days after the procedure. Most patients are able to resume work the next day, and the results last up to 18 months.

It’s also worth knowing that if there are any problems or you are not happy the entire process is reversable. Side effects may include soreness for a short while after the routine, but rest assured the Big D Girth method is a safe and proven solution for men who want a bigger penis.

Final Words

There is no shame in believing you have a penis that is too small, and you are certainly not alone. Arrange a consultation with a professional in the field now and they will ensure that the process is explained to you in full and take things from there. We hope we’ve helped, so set up that appointment now.

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