June 18, 2024

The Ultimate Le-Vel Thrive Review – 2024

Le-Vel Thrive Review –  Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard at least passing mention of this new approach to health and wellness. What began in 2012 as the brainchild of Le-Vel co-CEOs Jason Camper and Paul Gravette, Le-Vel quickly earned a reputation for quality and results. In fact, in just five years it had generated over a billion dollars in sales, and then generated a second billion within two years of that.

Today, dedicated Thrivers share their positive experiences with friends, family, and across social media outlets. And guess what? I’m one of those Thrivers.

Today, I’m giving you an insider’s perspective on Le-Vel and the Thrive Experience. In my time associated with Le-Vel, I’ve had the opportunity to field a lot of questions about the brand in general and my experience in particular. So, in this Thrive Review, I’m going to address the most common questions and concerns I’ve encountered over the years.

So, let’s start this Le-Vel Thrive Review with the most obvious question there is: What is Thrive?

What Is Thrive?

This one can be a little complicated, because the terms Le-Vel and Thrive are often used interchangeably. To set the record straight, Le-Vel is the name of the company (“Le-Vel Brands LLC,” to be exact). Thrive describes the overall brand, including all products. The Thrive Experience is the name of the company’s flagship product. The popularity of the Thrive Experience has made it synonymous with the company itself, and today the phrase “Le-Vel Thrive” is often used informally to refer to the business and its entire product offering.

Is Le-Vel a Pyramid Scheme?

Le-Vel is a network marketing business, which means that it recruits independent promoters to sell its products. Those promoters can also recruit others to work underneath them. But unlike illegal pyramid schemes that focus exclusively on bringing in new sellers who then pay for the opportunity to recruit others (passing the money upwards to the top of the ‘pyramid,’), Le-vel is extremely product-centric and doesn’t require any upfront costs to join as a seller. Its success shoots from the fact that it provides a valuable product that you can’t find anywhere else, and its satisfied customers often want to “pay it forward” by sharing their positive experiences with others. So, they become promoters.

As for myself, I was never interested in promoting, but I enjoy the product and its benefits, so I remain a dedicated customer.

How Does the Thrive Experience Work?

The Thrive Experience is finished up of three products designed to work together taken in a sequence:

  • Premium Lifestyle Capsules
    Thrivers start their day by taking two Thrive capsules, with different formulas available for men (Thrive M) and women (Thrive W). The capsules contain essential nutrients and are design to be taken very first thing in the morning.
  • Premium Lifestyle Mix
    The Thrive shake mix comes next; Thrivers wait about 20 minutes after taking the capsules, and then they drink the shake. The shake essentially takes the place of breakfast, and is actually my favorite part of the routine. It’s tasty, filling, and gives me the energy I need to hit the ground running every day. The shake mix is micronized, so the nutrition it delivers is easy for the body to absorb and put to good use.
  • Thrive DFT
    Finally, the Thriver’s final step is to apply the Thrive DFT — a small foam adhesive that sticks to the skin. DFT stands for dermafusion technology, and is designed to be worn all day long, for a constant infusion of Le-Vel’s unique nutritional formula. Thrivers should apply the DFT only to clean, dry, lean areas of the body, and replace the DFT every 24 hours.

When used in conjunction, these three products help fill the nutritional gaps that exist in most modern diets. Simply put, the Thrive Experience is a novel, innovative approach to nutritional supplementation, designed to give the body everything it needs to function at peak capacity.

What Ingredients Are in the Le-Vel Thrive Review Experience?

OK, so the Thrive Experience exists to help users fill nutritional gaps. But how does it do that? With the right ingredients, of course.

It’s worth noting that Le-Vel Thrive uses only natural ingredients; there are no synthetic chemicals or mysterious fillers included in the Thrive products. Instead, they deliver essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, and probiotics that everybody (and every body) needs, but don’t usually get enough of. In addition to these nutrients, Thrive also includes coffee and tea extracts for energy, ForsLean for healthy weight management, and other natural plant extracts. Le-Vel’s unique combination of delivery methods ensures that Thrivers get the boost they need in the morning, followed by steady nutrition throughout the day.

What Are the Benefits?

What are the benefits of the Thrive Experience? Well, because Thrive fills nutritional gaps, that question really becomes “What are the benefits of optimal nutrition?”

Not surprisingly, there are a lot. These include improved weight management, increased cognitive performance, improved joint function, lean muscle support, digestive support, immune support, appetite management, improved circulation, and increased energy.

In my own personal experience, I simply felt better. From my second week as a Thriver, I was getting better sleep, waking up with a more positive attitude, and just enjoying life more than I had been. I also found it easier to exercise and remain active, and that helped me drop some of the unwanted weight that I had been putting on over the past decade or so.

For me, the Thrive Experience helped improve my quality of life, and thousands of other Le-Vel Thrive reviews across social media attest to similar experiences.

Are there any Side Effects?

The all-natural ingredients in the Thrive Experience are essentially side-effect free. That is to say that there aren’t any known dangers for the average user. Still, users with certain allergies or other sensitivities might experience negative side effects due to their allergy. In terms of the Thrive DFT, those with skin allergies may have some limited localize irritation (such as red or itchy skin where the DFT is applied).

The risk of side effects with Le-Vel Thrive is very low, but as with any new health or dietary routines, you should always discuss your situation and your plans with your doctor before you commit.

How Much Does Le-Vel Thrive Review Cost?

Depending on how long you plan to continue using Thrive, there are three different packages available that include all 3 steps:

  • The 2-Week Experience ($100)
  • The 4-Week Experience ($150)
  • 4-Week Couples Pack ($300)

My significant other and myself are both Thrivers, so we tend to auto renew our orders of the 4-Week Couple’s Pack, which means we spend about $1,200 per year – about the cost of a monthly gym membership. And honestly, for the benefits I’ve seen in using Thrive, that’s a bargain.

Should You Give Le-Vel Thrive Review a Try?

As I said before, I’m not a Thrive promoter; I have no financial interest in whether or not you decide to try the Thrive Experience. So why do I expend my time writing Le-Vel Thrive Reviews? Because Thrive has made an impact in my life, and I know there are those out there who are interest in trying it for themselves. Maybe my experiences can help them make up their minds.

If you’re looking for a change, want to know what all those Thrivers online are raving about, or are just curious, then the Thrive Experience may be right for you. If not, then that’s fine too. As for me, I plan to continue Thriving for years to come.

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