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Does Exercise Help You Lose Weight – 2023

Exercise has many benefits. Resistance training can help you losing weight by maintaining muscle mass and increasing your metabolism. Cardio can also help, but it can make you feel hungry, so try to eat carefully.

If you’re trying to lose weight, you may be doubting how much exercise you should be doing and what type of exercise you should be doing. In its simplest form, losing weight means that you burn more calories than you consume. Therefore, it makes sense to contain exercise in your routine, as it benefits you burn more calories. However, vigorous exercise can also help increase your appetite. This can lead to confusion about the role of exercise in weight lose and whether it can help.

Can you Lose Weight Without Exercising?

Can you Lose Weight Without Exercising_

“With strict diets, weight loss is also possible without exercise.” But things get particularly tricky when you have already lost weight: “Without exercise, it is very difficult to maintain weight after the diet. Studies have shown that it takes around 60 to 90 minutes of total body workout per day to prevent the yo-yo effect. “So if you want to be slimmer in the long term, you should start looking for a sport that suits you.

What Are The Best Sports For Weight Loss?

Any movement is better than none. If you want to keep fit over the long term, you should choose a sport that you can enjoy if you do it regularly. Endurance sports are particularly recommended for losing weight, even if you shouldn’t overdo it. Overweight people, particularly those who not used to physical activity, should keep the risk of injury low. “Cycling on car-free roads, hiking, and walking are particularly suitable for this.”

Water, Fat, and Muscle: how much of what?

When it comes to what a healthy body made of, the fat value must considered in particular. The guideline values differ depending on age and gender: In middle age, it should not exceed 30 percent for women and not over 20 for men. It becomes problematic when fat values over 35 percent or 25 percent for men reached, especially young people.

What is the Maximum Weight you can Lose?

Many diets and fitness plans promise the loss of several kilos within a few days. Such promises are not realistic. Of course, you can lose weight faster with radical diets. The lost weight is then just as quickly back on your hips.
Realistically, you can lose around one to two kilograms per month with a daily calorie deficit of 500 kilocalories, depending on your body’s initial weight. But if it’s a little less or more, you shouldn’t worry: Actually, you want to lose fat mass. So the loss of weight shouldn’t be in the foreground, but that the lost weight consists of fat,

When are you Too Fat?

BMI usually determines the ideal Losing Weight of a person. From a BMI of 25, you are overweight. From a BMI of 30, you are fat, i.e., fat. Nevertheless, people with a BMI between 25 and 30 do not necessarily have to lose weight. “Very muscular people often have a BMI that is too high. Then it is also important to measure your body fat percentage. If this turns out to be low, there is no reason to lose weight,” citing a second exceptional case. “If a person has a BMI in the overweight range, but is otherwise satisfied and above all healthy, he or she does not necessarily have to lose weight. Then it is important to prevent further weight gain and to maintain a healthy lifestyle.



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