July 16, 2024

Maintaining Optimal Health – 2024

Maintaining Optimal Health – For centuries, people from around the world sought after the mythical spring called the Fountain of Youth to no avail. While it might seem far-fetched to us modern-day individuals to imagine leaving the comfort of our homes to travel across the globe in off-beaten paths in search of something they weren’t even sure existed, we can’t blame them for trying.

After all, who doesn’t like the idea of living a long life in vitality and youthfulness? So far, no one has been able to find this magic water with healing properties but nowadays we have the next best thing when it comes to maintaining one’s optimal health and well-being: supplements.

The reason most of us require these additions to our diets stems from the fact most of us have a poor diet as we don’t always get the needed nutrients from what we eat. This is true since most process foods and chemically sprayed fruits and veggies are deprived of the vitamins and minerals crucial for our proper bodily functions. Add daily stress to the equation, and you get various nutritional deficiencies.

This is where trusted brands like Natures Own have your back when it comes to leading a healthy life full of vivacity. I know, I know… Before I move on to elaborate on their products that you can easily find at reliable pharmacies and stockists, you’d like to know why this brand is a nice idea to invest in, so here it goes. You’re probably asking yourself the following question:

Is Nature’s Own a Good Brand?

As an Australian home-grown brand, it’s certainly gained a great deal of popularity and recognition within the country. Don’t take it from me, take it from the Roy Morgan’s statistics that show it’s Australia’s own favourite vitamin brand.

Such success doesn’t happen overnight – it takes firm values and dedication to offering the best of the best which is exactly what the brand has been all about since its beginnings. It all started in 1975 when founder Vaughan Bullivant decided to open up a company that would provide health through nature after experiencing the positive outcome firsthand; it was his intake of vitamins that provided him with a speedy recovery from his water-skiing accident.

Over the years Natures Own has created some amazing herbal and dietary supplements that are easy to consume, based on blending holistic medicine with advanced technology and nutritional science. This wouldn’t have been possible without their painstaking attention to detail, as they carefully source the quality ingredients from around the world, and then put them through scientific verification on the potency to ensure they meet their strict standards.

As they take it as their mission to care for the customers’ well-being, you’d also find their convenient blog posts with all their knowledge on health practices and natural medicine on their website. Simply said, becoming body smart is easy when you welcome this brand in your life, so to answer your question – yes, it sure is a good brand you can invest in!

Get to Know Nature’s Own Product Range

Knowing they’re a brand of trust is one thing, and shopping for the products is another; if you want to be certain you choose your supplements well, first it’s important to know what the Natures Own product range is. Basically, everything they sell is available in various strengths (e.g. regular, double, triple, concentrated, and high) and is categorise in four different groups:

1. Immunity and Well-Being

This became everyone’s main concern as of 2020, the year marked by the COVID-19 pandemic. Here we are a year later, still faced with uncertainty and health measures, so the least we can do is protect ourselves, and our immune system first and foremost, using the proper vitamins and minerals as our first line of defence.

Luckily, there are the right Nature’s Own products you can count on for cutting down the risks of colds, the flu and other such related viruses as they’re packed with key ingredients that boost the immunity – from garlic and echinacea, to vitamin C and zinc. Not to mention, they prove to be of help when you’re already dealing with the symptoms too, as they offer relief.

Unless your diet is well-balance, and you mind your intake of fruits, veggies, protein, fats and carbs, you won’t really be well-nourished. This is where the brand’s multivitamins come in handy. Created for the specific needs of men, women and children, there are separate multivitamin products you can reach out for, as they contain the necessary range of essential nutrients to keep you in top health, regardless of your gender or age.

Along with these, there are additional products create for the health issues and worries related to women so whether you’re pregnant and you’re preparing for your baby, trying to get pregnant, breastfeeding or facing menopause there’s the perfect supplement for you – same as there’s the ideal supplement for men’s prostate health. Examples for these are their Pregnancy Platinum Multivitamin, Vitex Agnus Castus, Prostate Health and Saw Palmetto 3200MG.

2. Sleep and Stress

Let’s be honest, stress is an inevitable part of modern life. Sometimes, however, we manage to turn it chronic and make matters worse as it starts taking its toll on our health and well-being. This is where Nature’s Own natural supplements step in as they’re create to help you manage stress and anxiety, as well as relieve the nervous tension.

Besides their B vitamins, which are the usual pick against stress, you can also try their Siberian ginseng, and St. John’s wort. Their EQ control, which is a blend of vitamin B6, magnesium, chamomile and ashwagandha extract is perfect when you’re dealing with mild anxiety in a combination with tiredness and fatigue.

Since sleep is one of the aspects that often suffer the consequences from stress, it’s only natural they have the specific sleep-related products too. Valerian is many people’s not-so-secret secret ingredient to sailing away to the land of dreams, so you could try their Valerian Forte 2000MG.

In case you’re looking for something different, you’ve also got options like their Sleep-Ezy, Complete Sleep and Complete Sleep Advanced consisting of the right ingredients that would help calm your nerves and relieve sleeplessness.

3. Energy and Performance

These two areas often get affect by stress as well, and if you’re no stranger to daily chronic stress chances are you’re lacking energy as much as concentration and memory. Instead of letting this affect both your personal and professional life, you could seek the help of supplements like Nature’s Own Ultra B with B12 in active form which supports energy production, the Super B Complex with all the B vitamins, or the Ginkgo Biloba, and the Focus & Perform.

4. Joints and Mobility

Not many are fond of the idea of ageing but when you boost your nutrition with adequate vitamins and minerals, you can achieve the “ageing like a fine wine” we’re all after. What I mean when I say this is cutting down the risks of common age-related problems such as those related to mobility and joint health.

Their supplements packed with magnesium, calcium and vitamin D are create to help you out with maintaining your optimal muscle and bone health. These are crucial to ensure you’d stay active, and improve your strength and fitness at that, even as you grow old!

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