June 18, 2024

Myths and Rumours Around Drug Rehab Debunked – 2023

There’s a lot of misconception regarding these things. Whenever it comes to any kind of addiction, we lack knowledge. A huge part of us often makes a comment or statement just on the basis of some vivid understanding.

But, now, those days have come when we should stop spreading the myths and trust in the actual facts. Only these facts can save an individual who is into drug addiction and wants to come out of the ugly world.

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10 Common Myths and Rumours Around Drug Rehab Debunked

We have already provided a source to enrich your knowledge about the drug rehabilitation center or detox center. Now we will discuss the 10 common myths and rumors you might have heard of when it comes to drug rehabilitation.

Along with identifying all those myths, we will also tell you facts that are true and should be spread more. So, without wasting a single minute, let’s go through them.

Myth 1: You Can Not Get Addicted To Your Prescription Drugs.

In case you also think that you can not get addicted to your prescription drugs, let us clarify to you that the scenario here is totally different. It depends on the drugs you are taking. Apart from that, our body develops a dependency on the drug.

That is the reason why after having some specific type of sleeping pills, you get used to it, and when you stop taking those, your sleeping pattern will get disturbed.

Myth 2: Drug Rehabilitation Treatment Is Unaffordable. 

Most of us believe that drug rehabilitation centers demand a lot of money, which is out of the budget for most of us. But the fact is that there are different types of rehabilitation centers with different fee ranges.

You just need to search a little for and find out the rehabilitation center that is cost-efficient and comes in a pocket-friendly budget. At the same time, there are also some social servicing organizations, who offer free rehabilitation for needy people in collaboration with top-class rehabilitation centers.

Myth 3: Your High Alcohol Tolerance Means You Don’t Have A Drinking Problem.

Your body is different from your best friend’s. Though we all are human beings, when it comes to alcohol tolerance, all of us do not have the same level. Everyone’s body reacts differently to the consumption of alcohol and drugs.

But that does not mean, if you have a higher alcohol tolerance, you will not have a drinking problem. In fact, the case is just the opposite. Due to higher tolerance levels, you might think it is not affecting you, and you end up having more.

Myth 4: Natural Drugs Are Safer Than Man-made Synthetic Drugs.

We have a belief that natural things are always better than man-made things. It is not totally false, but also not true at the utmost level. Naturally grown vegetables are always better than those vegetables, which are grown using several chemicals.

But when it comes to drugs, both are harmful to your body. Just because you are having the natural leaves of Cannabis Indica or Cannabis Sativa, that does not mean it has health benefits, and those man-made synthetic pills will harm your body. Both will leave a harmful effect on your physical and mental health.

Myth 5: It Only Takes Willpower To Stop Alcohol And Drug Addiction.

Everything around you starts with you. When you are into drug or alcohol addiction, you are the person who is required to make a firm decision about quitting all these addictions and starting a new life. It is really great.

But that does not mean you will not leave any further assistance. The entire rehabilitation process is a simple one; it comes with several levels. A detox or rehabilitation center will be able to assist you in a proper way. However, your willpower is necessary here, but it is not the only thing you need.

Myth 6: You Have To Use Drugs For A Long Time Before It Can Harm You. 

Who told you you have to do drugs for a long time to get its harmful effects? All these are absolute lies. As we have already told you that higher tolerance does not mean you are not likely to get addicted.

Just the same way, you do not have to do drugs for a longer time to suffer from its harmful effects. As everyone’s body and tolerance power are different, it will start to show results differently. But that does not mean a single time will not affect you.

Myth 7: Drug Rehabilitation Treatment Is Only For Celebrities. 

Just the way we have developed a misconception that drug rehabilitation centers are costly, we also believe that those places are only for rich people and celebrities. But we forget that we all are human beings.

When you are doing drugs, the drug doesn’t work differently on your body just because you are not a celebrity. Just like a celebrity, you will need the same treatment and have to go through the same process to quit drug consumption.

Myth 8: All The Drug Is Out Of The Body As Soon As A Person Feels Normal.

If you are feeling normal, that does not mean the drug you have taken is not out of your body. It takes at least 3 days for all those harmful substances to get out of your body. But we always think that just because we are feeling okay, there is no drug.

You may have heard about drug tests. If you do drugs on a regular basis, you will not be able to pass a drug test. This is the reason why they are conducted.

Myth 9: You Have To Hit Rock Bottom. 

When you have a stomach ache, do you wait for it to become more severe, or do you consult a doctor as soon as possible? Then why would the substance abuse scene be different?

Actually, it is not. You should not wait to hit rock bottom to get into rehabilitation. It is really great that you have made up your mind to quit this ugly addiction at the very initial stage.

Myth 10: You Can Stop Drugs Anytime All By Yourself. 

Just the same way we have developed the misconception of willpower being the ultimate to come out of drug addiction, we also think that the addicted person can handle everything on his or her own. We believe this because we do not have a single idea about the process of rehabilitation. No matter how strong and determined you are, it is best to take assistance from detox or rehabilitation centers.

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