June 18, 2024

Online Word to PDF Converter For Free With PDFBear – 2023

PDFBear is a platform available online to manage your PDF documents. This online platform is free and safe to utilize. With PDFBear, you can merge, split, compress, convert, etc., your PDF documents. Using their tools can make your work easier and faster in just a few clicks. PDFBear is a safe and secure platform that guarantees your documents’ privacy every time.

PDFBear can be accessed through any device such as your tablets, laptops, desktops, and smartphones, so you can use their tools at any time. They are also supported by major Operating Systems such as iOS, macOS, Windows, and even Linux. Here, you will learn to convert your Word documents into a PDF file.

Convert Word to PDF

Word documents that contain letters, portfolios, CVs, and so on are only appropriate for personal use. This format can be edited and copied when sharing them. Converting Word to PDF files can make your documents formal and professional-looking because PDF format is used in business, work, and school.

Luckily, online platforms are available like PDFBear to manage your documents and turn them into a PDF format. When you convert Word to PDF free with PDFBear, select and upload your file by going through their website. PDFBear will scan your document and will convert them into PDF. Once the conversion is done, you can download your PDF file or save it on the cloud.

Convert Excel to PDF

Excel documents are composed of rows and columns of cells for data analysis and calculation. This format is complex and used in business functions and companies from small to large. With Excel format, they also have a macro programming language that is prone to viruses. To avoid having errors when sharing your spreadsheets, you can convert them into a PDF format.

With PDFBear online converter, by selecting and uploading the file or by dragging and dropping them into the system, PDFbear will scan your Excel file and start the conversion process. Once the conversion is finished, download PDF file or save it on the cloud, or you can send your documents directly through email.

Convert PPT to PDF

Powerpoints are used for presentations in work, business proposals, school projects, and so on. PPT format is excellent since it is straightforward and precise. Sharing your presentations converted into a PDF format with your colleagues and professors will make your work smart by being formal and professional-looking.

You can convert PPT documents into a PDf file with PDFBear by only selecting and uploading the slides or dragging and dropping them into the PDFBear’s conversion box. PDFbear will scan the slides and will start the conversion process. When it is finished, you can download your PDF document or save it on the cloud.

Convert JPG to PDF

JPG formats are used for images. You may encounter having hundreds and thousands of images saved on your device that they take so much storage space. This being said, to avoid having unnecessary documents that only clutter your device and will take much of your time and storage space when you share them, you can convert them into a single PDF document.

When you convert JPGs into a PDF document with PDFBear, by uploading the images or drag and drop them into the conversion box, PDFBear will scan the images and will start the conversion process. Once your images are compiled into one PDF file, you can download the PDF file or save it on the cloud, or you can send it directly through email in no time.

Convert HTML to PDF

HTML is composed of codes from your website. Suppose you may want to share your HTML with others. In that case, you can convert them into a PDF document to avoid being copied or edited. Turning your website into a PDF document will safely protect your files from unauthorized access and unavoidable manipulation by others.

Whenever you convert your HTML into a PDF, with PDFBear, copy and paste your website’s link into the conversion box. PDFBear will be scanning the HTML and will start the conversion process. Once done, you can download your PDF document and share them with others.


PDFBear free online platform is safe and secured, deleting your files one hour after uploading them into the system. It is also easy and quick to use by only following a few simple steps. You can also have unlimited access to their tools and conversion when you subscribe to their PRO membership for a much lesser price.


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