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overthinking write for us

What does Overthinking mean?

Man can think. Thinking is an inherent quality of man. Thought has arisen because of knowledge that has come to man as possession. Thinking gives people the security of knowing and being reliable. Knowledge makes the difference between primitive and modern humans. Hence, knowledge is a means of measuring progress from a primitive to a modern man.

Modern man today has more knowledge than his predecessor, even ten years ago, for example. That suggests that a person who lived ten years ago is primitive compared to a person today. Therefore, primitive and modern are relative and not absolute concepts, since no one has as much knowledge as another, on no day in any generation. It also means that knowledge is also relative and not absolute.

People think things over to either check or evaluate their knowledge. Both possibility and decision depend on how much knowledge a person has. That can only mean that possibility and conclusion are relative and not absolute. In addition, man understands that duality is relative and not absolute. He thinks about something to see if there is a better option, or he evaluates whether a decision is right or wrong. So whatever man wants to overthink will only be relative and not absolute.


Man would like to overthink something according to the points of view right and wrong, true or untrue, since this is the duality that man knows. To man, whatever is correct, wrong, accurate, or false is nonetheless real. Knowledge, as already shown, is relative and not absolute. So the request arises as to what is final and not close. And the next question would be what could make the Absolute appear.

The Absolute is revealed when man understands that what he thinks is real is, in fact, illusory. Understanding is an inherent quality of human beings and from this arises knowledge that causes human beings to believe that everything is accurate. That means that understanding will also give rise to the wisdom that allows people to recognize that this reality is illusory. If humans could understand what is absolute, they would no longer need to think about anything. Knowledge has happened to man, and accordingly, wisdom will also happen to him. Whom or when understanding could happen could never be known or predicted. Likewise, neither knowledge nor wisdom can know or expect to whom or when understanding will happen.

The wise men proclaimed that life is a play of light and sound, and now science, a branch of knowledge, has proven that everything in life is energy, which, simply put, means light. Accordingly, wisdom reveals that the real can only be light, and knowledge of the real exists only as a reflection of light and not as something actual.

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