April 20, 2024

Are Protein Shakes Good for Health – 2024


Protein shakes has grown popularity as a supplement for daily use, being added to smoothies, baked goods, and hot cereals. However, its health benefits remain a question. It is important to understand why you might need protein powder before making it a part of your routine.

Protein shakes is not suitable for everyone and should only be used in specific situations. Different types of protein powder exist, with whey, soy, and casein being the most popular. They provide high-quality protein with essential amino acids needed for a healthy diet. Protein powder is most beneficial for growing teenagers, people starting a workout program, individuals seeking to build muscles, people recovering from injury, and those following a vegan or vegetarian diet lacking in protein-rich foods.

A few days ago, we received inquiries about protein shakes, inquiries that made it clear that the shakes were harmful in every way, and that they feared for the health of those who took them. This suggests that much of society does not know what protein shakes are.

What are Protein Shakes?

What are Protein Shakes_

Before discussing what the protein shake society thinks, we want to review what this protein supplement is. Although it has talked about many times in Vitónica about shakes, it never hurts to clarify it again to resolve any doubts that may still exist.

Protein shakes are food supplements. They are powder food with a very high protein percentage and a low or even zero percentage of fat. A variable amount of carbohydrates that normally adapted to the objective aimed at—the supplement (definition or volume).

There are three different types of protein shakes depending on the source of these proteins, which may well be the serum obtained milk. The white of the egg or soy, but whatever the source, the three proteins are very high biological value, very healthy for your body, health, and muscles.

Thoughts of Society

Much of society think that protein shakes are a way to gain muscle without having to do anything since they think they are a kind of chemical drug just by taking them to inflate the muscles quickly and, something like steroids.

This is undoubtedly due to a lack of sports culture and because they know that all body builders take protein shakes, among other things. Like most people who go to the gym and have a very toned body, society believes that This is mainly due to the use of protein shakes.

The shakes are nothing more than proteins isolated either from milk, soy, or eggs. Therefore, it is as natural as eating a chicken breast, a hake, a portion of grilled octopus or prawns, and forgiving some examples, but in a much faster, simpler, and cleaner way. It is not more than that.

In addition, society thinks that the shakes are very harmful to health and that they destroy you from the inside, simply because they are not natural. Yet, they tell you with a Coke in hand, a chocolate palm tree, or even a cigarette in your mouth, and yet they don’t tell you anything if you eat a 3-whites omelet and an egg with turkey, which is the same at the base.

Benefits and When to Take Them

Protein shakes mainly used by athletes who need food immediately after their workouts. Most people cannot make a meal immediately after the exercise session, and use [protein shakes] as an alternative and assimilating much faster than any other food. The muscle uses it better.

We think that without shakes, you can obtain very similar results, so we believe that to start taking them, it is better that you take some time training in the gym and that you see it necessary to take some more protein at the ideal times for it (morning and post-training).

Note: If you think shakes are miraculous, you are more lost than people who think they are harmful. The muscles gained by training disciplined and intensely, and with a diet rich in protein, if you do not do the first, it makes no sense to do the second, much less drink shakes.


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