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Scoliosis Write for Us

Scoliosis Write for Us

What is Scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a strange curving of the spine. Also, In the spine, some curves are standard or physiological, and others that are not. In the cervical and lumbar regions, lordosis or an inward curve is normal.

In the thoracic spine, kyphosis or an outward curve is normal. These spinal curves occur from front to back. Scoliosis is a twisting or rotation of the spine curve resulting in a turn that appears as a “C” or “S.”

Two curves, one upper and one lower may arise simultaneously, one opposite to the other, or there may be a curve in only one order. Cervico-dorsal scoliosis is rare, while dorsal, lumbar, or both are more frequent. Along with scoliosis, the child may develop kyphosis (hump) or dorsal lordosis, that is, an inversion of the physiological curve of the neck and lower back.

What effects does scoliosis have on our body?

Scoliosis causes a certain anatomical deformation of the vertebrae (1), ribs, ligaments, and discs. The vertebrae tend to assume a wedge shape above the apex of the curve. On the concave side, inside the curve, the vertebral foramina are narrower, and the nerve roots that pass through them can be compressed and give the symptoms of sciatica.

The inclination of the vertebrae deforms the ribs. On the convex side, the vertical distance between them increases, while on the concave part, it decreases. Due to the spin of the rib cage, it loses its rounded rectangle shape to be squashed more on one side than on the other. It forms a Gibba, which is easy to see from the convex side.

The intervertebral disc is crushed on the concave side and decompressed on the other side, then the nucleus pulposus of the disc is forced out. It occurs in both girls and boys and begins between the ages of 8 and 10. Scoliosis generally affects thinner and more slender children, and the majority are women: 80%.

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