June 25, 2024

Sunflower Oil for Hair: Benefits and Ways to Use It – 2024

The sun is out, and its scorching heat becomes a threat to your tresses. Prolonged sun exposure can damage your hair, and you don’t want that to happen. What you need is a hair growth serum that can provide extra protection against sun damage. Surprisingly, a particular type of flower known as the sunflower is an ingredient that can help solve your problem. Its seeds are harvested and extracted to produce sunflower oil, which is used to create beauty products. Its properties and nutrients also make sunflower oil a healthy ingredient for promoting hair growth and protecting your tresses.

How does sunflower seed extract exactly help keep your hair in excellent condition? Delve deeper as you learn every reason why women should include sunflower oil in their hair care regimen.

The Benefits of Sunflower Oil

Why should you choose sunflower oil as hair growth treatment? Check out the following benefits below.

It has protective properties against sun damage.

Sunflowers can track and face the sun, and this growth response is called heliotropism. Because sunflowers best grow in sunlight, they need at least six to eight hours of sun exposure. Thankfully, these flowers are enriched with vitamin E. It has photoprotective properties, allowing the vitamin to absorb the sun’s UV light. By applying sunflower oil on your tresses, you will enable the substance to coat your strands with a barrier that prevents UV-ray penetration.

It also serves as an excellent moisturizer for frizzy hair and curly locks

When you rinse your locks, some hair cuticles may open and cause moisture loss. As a substance that prevents sunlight from penetrating your hair shaft, sunflower oil can also be considered a superb moisturizer. It is plentiful in linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid responsible for regulating moisture content. The oil also provides a protective layer that seals the cracks on hair cuticles, thereby locking in moisture against dryness and frizz. As an outcome, your locks become softer and bouncier.

It improves your hair strand growth.

Like any other essential oil, sunflower seed extract is also a potent source of vitamins and other nutrients that boost hair growth. It has vitamin E with antioxidant properties for healthy hair follicle growth. Sunflower oil also has sesamol, a phenol with anti-aging and antioxidant qualities for extra protection against free radicals.

Sunflower oil is also loaded with oleic acid, a kind of essential fatty acid that helps restore and strengthen the shaft’s structure, minimizing strand breakage. On the other hand, linoleic acid inhibits some forms of the 5a-reductase enzyme from catalyzing DHT (dihydrotestosterone) formation, a common cause of hair loss problems.

It adds luster to your lifeless hair.

When your hair suffers from dehydration, it loses its pliability and luster. But with sunflower oil, you can keep your hair moisturized, resulting in smoother hair cuticles. The smooth surface allows light to bounce back, giving you shinier and livelier tresses. It’s also lightweight enough to be applied directly on your tresses, so you’ll not have any problem using it any time of the day.

Include Sunflower Oil in Your Regimen

Getting the best hair growth results isn’t fast and easy, especially when you’re always out and about under the sweltering heat of the sun. But with constant effort, extra protection, and the best hair products, your tresses will definitely reap what you sow. It’s also a good thing that sunflower seed extract is made available in the market to help your hair grow and look healthy. Therefore, don’t forget to include products in your hair care routine, such as hair growth serums with sunflower oil, to attain your hair care goals.


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