April 20, 2024

5 Benefits of Supplementing for Improved Fitness – 2024

Supplementing – Did you know that the FDA has approved almost 30,000 supplements and over 1,000 more introduced every year? Some people explore row after row and find themselves overwhelmed. Finding the right supplements can be challenging, and with so many options, it can feel like a daunting task. At samedaysupplements, you can chat with nutrition experts that will guide you and help you make an informed decision based on your intentions and body type. Additionally, their blog has workout tips, product reviews, recipes, and more.

If you’re a fitness junkie and want to improve your health, performance, or both, supplementing is absolutely essential. You don’t have to buy everything that the fitness industry tells you to, but there are a few hidden gems that can really skyrocket your gym experience.

There are many benefits to supplements beyond just improved fitness, so read on for our comprehensive guide to supplementing!

  1. Natural Substances

Supplementing can get a negative reputation at times, as many people think supplements are lab manufactured and synthetic. However, there are many supplements that come from Mother Nature herself.

One of the most potent natural fitness supplements is kratom. Kratom is a tree from warm, humid areas like Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. In the past, its leaves were used in traditional medicine to ease pain and promote healing.

Now, kratom can be used to supplement daily living in addition to fitness. Using kratom for fitness has been known to increase your energy, blood flow, and endurance. There are lots of pre-workouts marketed to do the same thing, but kratom has an extra potency in addition to being completely natural.

It can also increase your focus and motivation which will help you stay on track and keep up with your routine. If you’re not focused during your routine, you’ll miss sets and perform your exercises incorrectly, which can result in injury.

Due to its history as a pain reliever, kratom can help relieve pain from chronic injuries and general soreness. The benefits of Kratom and working out are a great example of how natural substances can improve your ability to push yourself inside the gym.

  1. Better Nutritional Breakdown

A general rule of thumb is that you should be consuming 1 to 1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight. If you’ve ever tracked your protein, you know that’s shockingly difficult to achieve through food alone! You’d have to be eating baked fish fillets every few hours to reach your protein goal without exceeding your calorie goals.

Simple supplements like whey protein can increase your protein intake without dramatically increasing your calories, allowing your muscles to heal and recover more quickly. This gets you back in the gym faster, and with better results.

In addition, whey protein includes peptides. Peptides are small fragments of proteins that can increase blood flow, reduce inflammation, and promote muscle growth on a cellular level.

  1. Better Performance in the Gym

You might think that supplements are only about energy and recovery. However, one of the benefits of supplements is that they can improve your performance inside the gym too! For example, you might think that caffeine just makes you feel a little more awake and alert.

However, caffeine actually boosts your strength, too. Studies have found that when given caffeine one hour before lifting, subjects were able to lift an average of 5 lbs heavier than normal.

Caffeine and other supplements for better workouts not only allow you to feel more awake while you work out but also get you closer to your goals.

  1. Weight Loss

Many people hit the gym to lose weight and burn fat. This is an admirable goal, as maintaining a healthy body weight is connected to longevity and better quality of life. That said, it is a difficult goal to achieve.

Some simple supplements can promote weight loss both at rest and while exercising. One example is glutamine, a known metabolism booster. It will increase your fat-burning both while sitting on your couch and while hitting the gym!

In addition, carnitine is a known fat-burner used by bodybuilders. It works by carrying your fat cells into your muscle cells, where they are burned as fuel for your workouts. This stimulates fat loss, without risking muscle loss.

  1. Better Recovery for Supplementing

Exercise is all about balancing hard work and rest. The harder you can work, the better your results will be. But, you have to rest as much as your body needs.

This balance can be tricky to find, as you want to avoid both overtraining and undertraining. Supplements can help by promoting recovery and allowing your muscles to heal more quickly. This means you can enjoy minimal recovery downtime and more time in the gym making progress.

Creatine is a buzzword in the fitness industry as one of the most effective supplements ever. It’s a combination of three amino acids that can provide an energy boost before lifting weights. However, after exercise, it can also be used to promote recovery, prevent fatigue, and shield the brain from damage.

The added bonuses of creatine are that it can ease symptoms of Parkinson’s and even protect skin from sun damage!

In addition, supplements that we’ve already discussed (protein, carnitine, and glutamine) can reduce your couch time and have you back crafting your physique in no time.

Experience the Benefits of Supplementing Today

Hopefully, this article will have given you a starting point for how to supplement your routine and enhance your results. Going to the gym won’t be as grueling if you’re more alert, motivated, and focused. And it won’t seem quite as big of an obstacle if you’re seeing concrete results in the mirror today.

Supplementing doesn’t have to be overwhelming, try a few of these recommended supplements and see how they make you feel!

If you learned something about supplementing, you’re sure to love our other content! Check it out for more health and fitness tips, tricks, and advice!

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