May 27, 2024

THC Vape Juice: What it is & How to Use it – 2024

We are contemporaries of the global liberalization process and the growing general social tolerance of cannabis consumption for recreational purposes.

Of course, the most significant factor in that is the legal legalization of marijuana in an increasing number of world countries.

All this leads to the commercial penetration of the market of an ordinary THC flower and all its possible products. THC vape juice is an indispensable item in the shops, so it’s possible to make cheap vaping deals in these dispensaries.

In this article, we’ll deal with the presentation of THC vape juice, its basic characteristics, composition, action, specifics, and advice on the best way to use it, and give the best possible results.

What is THC Vape Juice

THC vape juice occurs at the same time as e-cigarettes. THC vape juice looks the same and works on an identical principle. It uses electricity to heat fluid and trunks it into vapor.


As for the composition of the liquid, this synthetic product is composed of:

  • water
  • food-grade flavoring
  • alcohol (sometimes)
  • nicotine (sometimes)
  • PG or VG

It is this last item that creates the crucial effect of THC vape juice.

These are the building blocks of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG), and one of them is indispensable in all electronic vaping devices.

A THC substance is extracted from the THC flower, whose oil, bearing in mind its psychoactive effect, is an essential element of the THC vape juice itself.


THC vape juice works much differently from other, more traditional THC flower products, such as the joint. The main reason is that in the THC oil that enters the mixture is up to 90% of THC itself, while in the classic joint, it is on average 23%

So the psychoactive effect is up to 4 times stronger, which is something you should pay special attention to, and more about that in the text below.

Also, the dubbing method leads to an instant effect and the achievement of a high state in the consumer.

So, by smoking THC vape juice, you achieve entirely different effects.

How to Use THC Vape Juice

Given the powerful and fast action, consumers must be instructed and informed about the best way of vaping.

For example, in the US, a huge increase of users vaping products was established two years ago. Mostly with young people, which is explained by the fact that they take up vaping as less harmful to smoking.

Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

The amount of intake and strength must be taken into account, affecting the psyche. Because there is an objective danger that, if the method of use is not followed and if you force yourself, your psyche will suffer permanent consequences such as:

  • dementia,
  • anxiety,
  • loss of concentration,
  • intellectual retardation,
  • emotional instability.

After a bad experience with too much experimentation, it is possible to permanently fall into the “bad trip” every next time cannabis is consumed, in any way.

No Experimenting at Home

The biggest reason for a possible bad experience comes from the fact that laymen play the role of scientists and inventors, giving themselves the right to claim that their “invention” is maximally tested and effective.

Although possible, it’s not recommended to make THC juice yourself. This synthetic mixture is a product whose creation requires experts, precisely to avoid unwanted reactions. So, if you want to taste this experience, it’s best to get the finished product in specially designed stores.

The package also contains a list of components and the THC level and the best way to use it. This is especially important for those who are getting high like this for the first time.

This way, you will be safer, more relaxed, you’ll have a pleasant experience, and you’ll get it cheaper. A win-win combination on many levels!

Advantages of Use

Unlike the rolled joint, which you usually smoke all at once, vape juice can be taken occasionally. You can take a puff and put your instrument away for a while.

This way, you’ll consciously see how much and how it affects you, and accordingly, you’ll find a balance in the regularity and amount of use of vape juice that suits you.

The advantage is also that you don’t have to roll up the joint and the accompanying material every time you want to get high.


Maybe some conservative skeptics will tell you that this is a trivial innovation of today’s crazy society. On the other hand, some will claim that they are alchemists and true connoisseurs of making vape THC.

It’s best for you that, if you are attracted by the idea of ​​vaping THC from oil, go to the store or visit an online store and buy a proven product there. And you have nothing to worry about.

Besides, the official sellers are experts, and they are there to give you the best guide and answer all your questions and potential doubts because the choice is very wide.

Sit down, relax and slowly inhale and exhale!

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