May 27, 2024

Top Four Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Drink and Drive – 2023

Drink and Drive

Drink and Drive – Despite many public education campaigns and warnings against drunk driving, some people still do it. Drunk driving is a leading cause of road accidents and deaths. The dangers of drinking under the influence of alcohol are clear, and every driver should adhere to them, but that is not always what happens, unfortunately.

Alcohol Impairs Your Abilities

Alcohol slows down your reaction time. This means that you cannot respond to traffic rules and hazards correctly.
What’s more, alcohol affects judgment. A drunkard will still think they are okay to drive because they cannot make the proper judgment. They will speed and use the wrong lane for the same reason.
There is no way to hide drunkenness. Traffic officers will spot you way before breathing on the breathalyzer. To avoid the consequences of drunk driving, take a taxi or Uber, or simply ride with your sober friend after a drinking episode.
If it is not yet clear why you should get out from behind the wheel while drunk, consider the reasons below.

Why You Should Not Drink and Drive

Drink and Drive – a Death Trap

You are risking your life, your passengers, and other road users by drunk driving. Fatal accidents are frequently reported to be caused by drunk drivers. Whatever convenience you are trying to achieve, it is not worth people’s lives.

Poor Future Outlook

Drunk driving cases leave a negative impact on your life. If your job was driving-related, you risk losing it once your employer finds out. Future employers will not be interested in careless employees. This will affect your ability to get another job in the future.
Having a criminal record makes you lose some privileges and opportunities. For example, DWIs can affect gun ownership rights, cause problems traveling to some countries, and a conviction might result in you losing your driving license.

It’s Expensive

Drunk driving is an expensive mistake. If you are not dead, you could suffer serious injuries that will cost a lot to treat. You might be left permanently disabled. Note that your insurance company may not cover your hospital bills if you caused the accident while drunk.
If you injured or killed another road user and damaged property, you will be required to compensate the victims for the damages caused. Covering this compensation from your own bank account will leave you broke or in debt.
Your insurance premium rates will go up. Some insurance companies will go as far as canceling your insurance policy because you are a bad risk. Note that your premium rates will remain high as long as you carry the DUI on your record.
Last but not least, hiring a DUI attorney is expensive. Drunk driving is a criminal offense in many states, and you will require an attorney to defend you. In addition to paying the attorney, you will incur court fines and fees and the cost of reinstating your driving license.


We have already mentioned that you could injure or kill other road users when driving drunk. Will you be able to live with the guilt of killing someone’s only child?
It is not only about the financial blow you will suffer but how you will affect other people’s lives. Next time you want to go out in your car to a drinking party, think of how your choices could destroy the lives of innocent people, if not your own.

It’s Not Rocket Science

Understanding the risks of drinking and driving is not rocket science. It is as simple as ABCs, but not all drivers get it.
No matter how many drinks you have had and how much you think you are in control, drinking and driving is always a poor choice. Make the right choices orelse suffer the consequences forever.


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