May 27, 2024

Top Reasons to Visit a Functional Medicine Doctor – 2024

Even though the theory of functional medicine is not new, many people don’t understand the terms associated with functional medicine. Therefore, many people don’t know the importance of visiting a functional medicine doctor. If you don’t understand the term functional medicine and its working capability, you might never realize the potential and health benefits of this particular medicine.

Functional medicine and conventional medicine are two different things. Most people know about conventional medicine and they choose to stick with it for the rest of their life. However, functional medicine comes with numerous extra advantages compared to conventional medicine. Functional medicine is one type of natural healthcare. Here are the top reasons why you should visit a functional medicine doctor.

The Process is Affordable 

As functional medicine is primarily focused on health promotion and disease prevention, you will notice countless health benefits after taking the Active Edge Chiropractic & Functional MedicineOne of the best benefits of functional medicine is that it’s affordable. Just like any other natural health method, functional medicine is a great way to look at your optimal health. You can save thousands of dollars in the long run as functional medicine will reduce the chances of visiting doctors, hospitals, or taking prescribed medicines. The average cost of a heart attack can reach up to $1 million, whereas cancer treatment can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Not to mention, you will also have to significant amount of money if you suffer from strokes.

Therefore, why you should spend millions of dollars to treat your health issues when you can take affordable functional medicine to maintain your health? Functional medicine is extremely effective at preventing illness and various health issues in the first place.

Functional Medicine is System Based 

Conventional medicine is condition-based. This means that the treatment will be applied as per the type of the disease. For instance, if you have symptoms of depression and anxiety, your doctor would prescribe an antidepressant. On the other hand, functional medicine is system-based. This means that the treatment will be applied as per the imbalance of proper systems in your body. This is extremely important because one disease can be associated with many causes, such as depression. Depression can be caused by poor gut absorption, lack of Vitamin D, omega-3, inflammation from improper diet, etc. Additionally, one cause can lead to various diseases, such as inflammation. Scientists have proved that inflammation is one of the most common causes of depression, cancer, heart diseases, and many brain problems. As per Healthline, change in hormone levels can also cause depression.

Proactive Care 

Instead of waiting for diseases and illnesses to take control of your body, functional medicine is proactive. Unlike functional medicine, conventional medicine won’t start working before you’re affected by the disease. Once the health complications develop, there’s no guarantee that the conventional medicine will be able to recover your health. Therefore, you need to take functional medicine so that you can prevent health complications from affecting your body. This is applicable for most health conditions such as diabetes, thyroid diseases, autoimmune diseases, and others.


These are the top reasons to visit a functional medicine doctor. If you want functional medicine but facing hesitation, make sure you contact us and we will describe everything properly.

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