June 17, 2024

6 Famous Types of Mango – 2023


Types of Mango – Summer It’s the time of year for days at the beach, picnics in the park, and well-deserved vacations. But do you know what else we are waiting for this energetic season? Tropical, delicious and sweet mangoes!

Juicy and perfect for summer, mangoes have earned the title of “King of Fruits” for a reason. They are India’s national fruit and a delicious treat that everyone looks forward to all year long. Whether eaten plain, mixed into a tropical smoothie, or added to a savory dish, mangoes are mouthwatering and delicious just the way you like them. There are more than 1,000 types of mango each with its own unique flavor, texture, and personality.

Let’s learn all about the different types of mango and find out why this sweet summer treat is called the “King of Fruits.”



Bow down to the “Queen of Mangoes”. Kesar mango is believed to have originated from Junagadh in Gujarat, India.

Many citizens of the region often eat saffron mangoes plucked from the tree to sample their sweet, juicy flavors and melt-in-your-mouth soft flesh. They appear in many juices, chutneys and delicious Indian desserts such as mango shards.


Palmer mangoes are the largest mangoes grown anywhere in the world, reaching up to 2 pounds in weight and bursting with sweet mango juice. These goliaths are native to the tropical climates of Florida and Brazil and can identified by their distinctive elongated (oval) shape.

Palmer mangoes are a great addition to any summer smoothie, especially paired with strawberries, bananas and acai berries.


With peak availability around the winter months, Kent mangoes are the perfect choice for those who need a touch of summer, even as temperatures drop.

These cool climate mangoes originate from Central and South America, Ecuador, Peru and Mexico. Every bite of Kent is delight with a hint of tartness that contrasts with its natural sweetness. Which is often used in juices and dry.

Tommy Atkins

If you’ve ever bought a mango at a grocery store in the US or UK, you’re probably familiar with the Tommy Atkins mango flavor. When the producing regions of Florida. Hawaii and California are discount, it accounts for about 80 percent of the mangoes sold in the two countries.

Although mango lovers may label Tommy Atkins a mediocre mango in terms of taste, its long shelf life and lenience to bruising and handling mean it’s an excellent introduction to the fruit.


Dasheri mangoes are grown in an extend season, with harvest time between May and August. When ripe, they show a pale yellow-green color with peach-colored flesh.

After plucking from the tree, Dasheri mangoes exhibit a sweet, aromatic aroma that indicates their natural juiciness. They are one of the most favorite summer fruits in their natural homes of North India, Nepal and Pakistan.


You cannot talk about mangoes without mentioning Neelam mangoes. Consider one of the delicate mangoes grown in India, Neelum is known for its mild acidity, especially when harvest before it is fully ripe.

That bright, sharp acidity enhances the sweetness in each Sapphire mango. Giving them a more complex and layered flavor than other varieties.

Some of Neelam’s most sought-after mangoes come from the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Whose prime harvesting season runs from mid- to late June.

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