April 20, 2024

Industries Have the Most Wrongful Deaths in Georgia – 2023

Wrongful Deaths – There are many deaths in the state of Georgia that result from negligence or misconduct on the part of an individual or even an employer. They are known as wrongful deaths in the legal system. These deaths take a toll on loved ones and leave them seeking legal action to help reduce the financial impact of those deaths. One primary reason for these deaths is related to the victims’ work or working conditions. So, which industries in Georgia have the most wrongful death cases? Keep reading to determine which jobs pose the highest risk and what to do if you’re affected by a death resulting from negligence.

Industries With High Risk for Wrongful Deaths

These industries have the highest percentage of wrongful death cases each year. Workers in these industries are exposed to dangers when the employer isn’t diligent with safety precautions and regulations. There are also instances where workers on the job site are careless and expose other workers to deadly hazards.

Construction Jobs

Of course, most people view construction jobs as potentially dangerous. There are plenty of situations where someone can get hurt. Add to that negligence or risky actions, and you have risks of death. OSHA statistics cite that approximately 1 in 5 worker deaths are in the construction industry. That is a very high statistic. Some of the most common causes of these deaths include falls, electrocution, getting stuck on or in equipment and machinery, being hit by projected objects, or falling on the job site.

In most cases, these deaths can be prevented by being more attentive to one’s actions while on the job. All too often, workers or employers become careless with their safety protocols and precautions. Deaths can happen quickly and without warning when they let their guard down or skip potentially life-saving steps or actions.

The Medical Industry

The medical industry also has one of the highest rates of wrongful deaths. There are many ways these accidents and events can occur—some of the most common occurrences during surgery or in care facilities. The elderly are especially vulnerable to wrongful deaths when staying in a recovery center or a long-term care facility. Workers such as CNAs and nurses can sometimes take actions that can cause deaths. Some of these instances can include the following.

  • Assault
  • Incorrect medication doses
  • Neglect
  • Failure to take appropriate safety measures

Any of these instances can cause the elderly extensive injury or wrongful death. These cases occur at an alarming rate at some facilities across Georgia. Some other cases in which people suffer death at the hands of a medical professional are during surgery. Sometimes the professionals involved with the surgery have incorrect information about a patient or mix up patient medical charts. In these cases, there are instances where surgeons operate on the wrong area of the body or perform surgery on the wrong person. Some cases even involved instances where there were foreign objects left in the patient’s body that caused them to die.

Agriculture and Forestry

One of the industries with a high wrongful death rate is agriculture and forestry. One reason is the equipment used to carry out daily duties. If equipment malfunctions or safety protocols are neglected, they can cause deaths. Farm equipment needs frequent service and should have the proper safety equipment and safeguards. When other workers or farm managers fail to keep up with safety procedures and maintenance of equipment, wrongful deaths can occur quickly. In forestry, negligence on the part of supervisors and management can cause wrongful death in many scenarios. Some instances where this can occur include the following.

  • Prescribed burns
  • Clearing of land
  • Cutting trees

Safety concerns should be addressed immediately because, if not, death could occur. This industry is known for having a high number of deaths annually in the state of Georgia.


Certain industries are more dangerous than most, and when people work within those industries, they have a higher risk of death. If you or someone you know has recently experienced a family dying due to negligence or reckless behavior, you can take legal action. When these deaths occur, they can create significant expenses for families and take away a part of their financial stability in addition to the funeral and other costs. Now is the time to reach out to an experienced personal injustice or wrongful death attorney who can help you file your case and guide you through the process of getting legal recourse and compensation.

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