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What You Need To Know About Ostomy Pouching Systems

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If you’ve just left the hospital after surgery, it’s likely that your surgeon has an ostomy punching system stuffed in your bag, as a patient gift. But mostly, it’s just one of the essential ostomy accessories you have to purchase out of pocket. Now, before visiting the store, get to understand these pouching systems by carefully reading everything I have written down below. By the way, see here for a comfortable colostomy wrap.

What Is An Ostomy Pouching System?

So, an ostomy pouching system is an ostomy device designed to automate the discharge of the body materials coming out through your stoma. The pouching system consists of a pouch and a barrier. Now, the pouch is the container where the body discharges are released in. Likewise, the barrier is a connective device that comfortably holds the pouch in position to your stoma. So, the barrier is not a “barrier” after all. LOL. But mind you, the arrangements of these two parts of the same system vary. Keep reading to find out the types of ostomy pouches based on this arrangement.

Types Of Ostomy Pouching Systems Based On Structure

Here goes.

  • The One-Piece Ostomy Pouching System; though the design may vary for all one-piece ostomy pouches, the structure is the same; a pouching system with both the skin barrier and the pouch in one piece. No distinction. The good thing about the one-piece systems is that using them is easy, just peel and apply. Another advantage to them is they show less under your clothing because they lay flat to the skin, almost creating no bulges. If you’re resuming your day-to-day after surgery, this is the type of pouching system you want to have in your wardrobe.
  • The Two-Piece Ostomy Pouching System; now, the two-piece pouching system is a more dynamic piece and I will recommend it to anyone as long as you’re not budget-conscious. Yes, they are quite expensive compared to the one-piece. So, a two-piece has its skin barrier and pouch separated and connected by a clipping system called the flange or plastic ring. Now, here are the good parts. Number one is, you can empty the pouch without having to deal with the skin barrier. Just unclip the flange, and voila. Another good thing is, you can replace the pouch with another pouch anytime for whatever reason. Imagine a situation whereby the pouch of a one-piece system breaks, you’ll need to discard the entire thing for a new one. Do you get my point? Yes? Great.

Now, another 2 categories…

Types Of Pouches Based On Draining Process

Here goes.

  • Drainable Ostomy Pouches; these pouches have an opening that allows you to empty and drain them before they get heavy and filled. You should get these if you discharge a lot and faster. Also, they are the best to use when in a working place.

Closed Ostomy Pouches; on the flip side, closed pouches have no draining opening. Call them the one-time pouches. Once filled, you discard them and get another one. No re-use.

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