December 1, 2023

Who will Be a Beneficiary in A Wrongful Death Lawsuit? – 2023

What Does It Mean to Be Negligent?

Wrongful Death – According to the dictionary, negligence is when someone or a company fails to take proper care in doing something. Negligence is when someone or a company is,

  • Careless in their actions without thought to others.
  • The person lacks care.
  • The person fails to take the proper care of equipment and people.
  • The person fails to pay attention to their actions.
  • The person shows dereliction of duty.
  • The person exhibits nonperformance of duty.
  • The person does not fulfill their duty.
  • The person fails to use reasonable care around others, causing injury or death to another person.

Any one of these negligent actions can cause injury, damage, or death to another person. If you were the victim of another person’s carelessness, you are the victim of negligence, and that person or company must pay you for their wrong actions.

If you or a loved one was injured or died due to the negligent actions of any other person, company, or product, there is nothing more upsetting. In many instances, the negligence of another can be life-changing for the victim. People or companies can avoid negligent actions that cause harm to others. In most all neglect cases, these negligent actions were unnecessary on most counts.

Are You or a Loved One the Victim of Negligence?

If you are loved one is a victim, then you no doubt do have a score of emotions such as,

  • Immense loss
  • Grief
  • Immense frustration
  • Anger that this could happen
  • Despair
  • Depression
  • Burdened with financial loss and expenses of the deceased

Damage, injury, and death spawn expenses that you certainly did not plan for, so who is going to compensate you for the expenses against your loved one such as, mounting medical bills, loss of wages, possible rehabilitation, future doctor visits, therapy visits, medical care, and much more? Compensation pays for past, present, and future costs related to the deceased’s estate.

The fact is that we understand that money cannot replace your life or that of a loved one. However, a sizeable settlement can remove a huge financial burden from your family’s shoulders.

Give a seasoned wrongful death attorney a call as soon as you suspect the death of a loved one was caused by negligence. We want to hear your story. Our main goal is to help you recoup your losses, alleviate your stress, and help obtain justice for your loved one.

When the Negligence of Another Person Causes the Death of Another?

Death often occurs when some person or company is negligent in their actions and causes the death of another person or persons. The death of our loved ones is a hard blow to the survivors. Family members often find that the deceased has expenses that they cannot personally pay, nor should family members have to pay end-of-life expenses for a loved one.

If your loved one died at the hands of a negligent person (s) or company, please give us a call as soon as possible and do not hesitate because the statute of limitations in wrongful death cases in North Carolina is two years from the date of your loved one’s death or your injuries. After this time, there is nothing you can do to recoup your losses. State laws differ related to wrongful death cases. We are seasoned and experienced in North Carolina laws.

Your Loved One Died Due to Negligence. Who Can Be a Beneficiary?

Beneficiaries eligible to receive proceeds in a wrongful death claim are determined by intestate succession laws related to wrongful death. These proceeds, used by the personal representative of the deceased, must pay necessary expenses such as, but not limited to,

  • Your loved one’s funeral and burial expenses
  • Your attorney fees
  • Your loved one’s medical expenses
  • Your loved one’s hospital expenses

How compensation pays out after the executor pays the overhead expenses depends on surviving family members of the deceased. Some members come before others, such as the spouse, children of the deceased, brothers, sisters, and surviving parents.

In the state of North Carolina, the laws governing wrongful death cases are complex and complicated. Complicated laws make it vital to contact a seasoned wrongful death attorney to sort through and explain the complexities of these laws to the survivors.

A Call to Action When a Wrongful Death Lawsuit Occurs

Generally, the person filing a wrongful death claim for a loved one is grief-stricken, saddened, and sometimes confused about the claims process. We will help you obtain the maximum benefits. We are seasoned attorneys who know the laws of North Carolina and can help you through this challenging time and process. A seasoned attorney is your vital resource for the successful outcome of your claim because they understand the legality of this claim. They can help you obtain maximum benefits, which helps close the door to this wrongful death. The statute of limitations for a wrongful death case in North Carolina is two years.

Give us a free, no-obligation call for consultation as soon as possible, and we will look at your circumstances. We can let you know if you have a strong case for compensation in North Carolina.

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