May 22, 2024

Apps For Online Learning – 2023


Online Learning – The online education system has been in effect for almost two years now. The system came into effect during the first lockdown imposed across the country due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This system of education introduced to the teachers and students many new methods, tools and modes for completing their tasks and making the online experience of teaching and learning better. This system of education not only offered better opportunities and opened new doors for those who dedicates to learning but also gave them new tools and techniques of enhancing their knowledge base and creating a strong foundation for the future.

Online learning is a concept that was popularised during the online education system was in effect. Students can use online resources to understand and learn the topics that are a part of their syllabus better and also get additional information on the subjects that are a part of their curriculum. Online learning was used by many students even before it became common after the online education system came into effect. Students used online resources and tools for completing their homework, making projects and assignments and also reading and exploring more about the topics that deeply interested them.

Online Learning

Online learning is the future of learning. There exist a wide range of apps and websites that can be used for online learning. Just like there is a mobile teacher app and other mobile apps to facilitate teaching, there are mobile apps that can be used by students for online learning. Mobile apps for learning offer better flexibility and allow the students to learn from anywhere and at any time as per their convenience. This also ensures that no matter where the student is, he or she can involve in studying and learning to make the most of their free time.

There are two main modes of online learning- live mode and recorded video mode.  These two types of classes can attend using different platforms that offer the features for conducting and attending these classes. Other than the platforms meant for online learning students also use popular streaming apps and video libraries to learn online and gain more knowledge on different topics. Accessing e-books and e-libraries is also a method that students use for online learning.

Online learning offers access to resources from across the world. A student sitting in a small town in India could be learning from books available at a library in the United Kingdom. The possibilities are infinite and the students can make the best of this opportunity of online learning by using all possible sources and resources.

You have the option to choose from a wide range of apps and websites. You can choose the mode of learning that goes well with your timetable and also suits your learning capability and ability. So you can choose to make notes digitally or on appear depending on which is better for you to learn from and which types of notes are more easily accessible.

The Best Apps for Online Classes

Learning is a constant process that, after the epidemic, is address in hybrid models : the sum of virtual and face-to-face classes. For this reason, the use of mobile devices has become widespread, for which some applications support the study, such as those of G Suite and others.

Google Classroom

It is Google’s free tool for managing classes and can use for online and face-to-face courses. You can create documents, share information in various formats, schedule meetings, and hold them virtually.

Google Drive

This tool creates documents and cooperates. Save up to 15 GB of your homework, papers, notes, and teacher presentations free; if you need more, you can buy more space.


Penultimate is an award-winning digital lettering app for iPad that syndicates the natural experience of pen and paper with Evernote’s powerful examination and sync features. Give it a try: Ditch the form and get on with handwriting.


The Excelsior newspaper mentioned that 64% of middle and high school students distract by social media and the internet. Although they are great tools for studying and learning, if you cannot use them only at the correct times, an app like SelfControl can help you.


Online learning must hence be the method for self-study even when schools and colleges re-open. The students can attend their classes at school or college in the day and attend online classes or take up online courses for the subjects they need additional help with or even for the subjects that they need to revise for better understanding.

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