June 17, 2024

8 Life-Saving Tips About CBD Oil Cartridges – 2023

Vaping is an activity that more and more people are starting to enjoy every day. With gaining popularity, vaping is also the most common method of taking the daily CBD dose for many users, which is famous for its numerous benefits.

However, between purchasing trusted CBD oil cartridges and vaping devices giving you an instruction manual on some basic features, no one lets vapers know the little hacks that can significantly improve the entire vaping session.

Consequently, both experienced and beginner vapers unnecessarily waste their product that can last much longer. So, we’re here to give you eight useful tips for using your CBD oil cartridges.

Store Your Cartridges Properly

The majority of people keep their cartridges where it seems the most convenient. This usually means in cars, bags, pockets, or anywhere around the house. However, none of these places work for the CBD oil, as all of them retain heat and can get pretty warm, possibly causing some damage to the oils.

Rather, keep your CBD oil cartridges away from the sun and heat, ideally in a cool and dark place. Most people find the fridge to be the perfect place – it’s dark, cool, and you won’t forget where you put your cartridges as you’ll see them every time you open your fridge.

Keep Cartridges in the Upright Position

Besides storing the cartridges in a cool and dry place, keeping them in an upright position is equally important. This prevents any oil leakage resulting in a lot of product waste.

If the CBD oil doesn’t come as closest as possible to the coil, it’ll be much harder to warm it up. By keeping cartridges upright, the oil will always be close to the heating element.

Additionally, reapply the cap when storing to maximize the protection of your oil.

Preheat Thick CBD Oil Cartridges

If you buy high-quality CBD oil cartridges, you might realize they’re maybe even too thick for vaping. Keeping your cartridges in a fridge will also harden your oils a bit. While it’s true that thicker oil is harder to vape, there’s a simple solution for that.

Preheat your cartridge if your vape pen has the option. If not, warm-up the cartridge by rubbing it with your palms, and you’re good to go!

Refill Your Cartridge up to 2 Times

Refilling cartridges is a great way to save some bucks and protect the environment simultaneously. Nevertheless, don’t refill your cartridge more than two times. Constant refilling will cause oil leakage, clogging, burnt coil, and many other issues that can completely ruin your vaping session.

So, make sure you dispose of your old cartridges from time to time and get new ones!

Keep Your Device Clean

Another thing that can completely ruin or increase your vaping experience is the cleanliness of your device. Use a q-tip with a bit of alcohol to clean your unit from any oil leakage or CBD resin. This will prevent any clogging and remove the remains of previously used oils.

In this way, when you start vaping your CBD oil cartridge, you’ll get a clean CBD vape without any obstructions or residue of previously used flavors.

Know Your Battery

The battery plays a vital role in vaping, so make sure you check its status from time to time. An empty or nearly empty battery won’t heat your oil correctly, and you’ll waste your time figuring out what’s wrong.

Besides that, most batteries will blink when they’re overheating, so you can turn them off or lower the power to avoid burning your coil and oil.

Throw Away Only Empty Cartridges

Once they think their cartridge is empty, vapers throw them away without considering the possibilities. But, you’ll be shocked when you find out how much CBD oil you’ve been wasting.

As the CBD oil is quite thick and sticky, it tends to stick to the sides of the cartridge. So, when you think your cartridge is empty, place it upside down and let the oil drip down. You’ll be surprised by how much product there still is!

Know What You’re Buying

Finally, think about the place where you’ve been purchasing your CBD oil cartridges. Ensure you’re buying your CBD oil only from licensed and trusted sources to get clean and high-quality CBD oil every time.

If you’re unsure of your product’s safety, check the list of ingredients and search for any toxic chemicals, heavy metals, and other harmful substances you shouldn’t use.


A lot goes into using your CBD oil cartridges properly. From checking your oil’s reliability and safety to storing cartridges and cleaning vape pens, vaping requires a certain level of commitment to be appropriately done.

However, with these eight tips and tricks, you’ll get the best out of your vaping sessions every time.


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