April 14, 2024

Look Younger With Dental Veneers – 2024

Dental Veneers – As we get older our bodies and especially our faces begin to show common signs of ageing that nobody really wants to see.  These include fine lines, wrinkles, loose facial skin, stained and broken teeth or any number of other telltale signs.  That’s why beauty is a trillion-dollar industry and just keeps on growing bigger.  Everything from skincare to Botox to cosmetic surgery is being used to help us look and feel younger.

Something that often gets overlooked however is our teeth, even though this is an area that can provide dramatic improvements to the perceived age of your face.  According to many cosmetic dentists, opting to have work done on your teeth can have a major impact.  Treatments like teeth whitening and dental veneers can brighten your smile and roll back the years in terms of how you look in the mirror and subsequently how you feel.

Teeth whitening is an obvious choice because you know exactly what you’ll get (whiter teeth) and it’s a very fast and inexpensive way to get a nicer looking smile.  Something more advanced, like dental veneers, require more time and are quite a bit more expensive to have done, but the results are usually always worth it.  Speak to any dentist and veneers will be at the top of their list of treatments to consider.

What are Dental Veneers To Make You Look Younger?

Veneers are thin shells made from porcelain or ceramic that are shaped to resemble teeth.  These shells are then bonded to the front of existing teeth to cover up any imperfections and to correct shape issues.  They are typically installed on the upper row of front facing teeth which are most visible when a patient smiles, laughs or speaks.  Veneers are almost always custom made so they fit perfectly into the patients smile providing the desired smile makeover effect.  Do they work?  Yes!

Veneers as part of a Smile Makeover

Even though many patients are 100% on top of their dental hygiene routine and their oral health is in good shape, it doesn’t mean that their teeth (and smile) are as attractive as they want it to be.  That’s when a consultation with a cosmetic dentist is required to determine what can be done to upgrade their look with what’s known as a smile makeover.

A smile makeover can involve any number of cosmetic treatments including tooth whitening, orthodontics, bridges, crowns, ceramic fillings, bonding, gum contouring and of course veneers.  Of this list, the biggest game changer is the dental veneer as these are cosmetically the same as dental implants which effectively give patients a new set of teeth and smile.

Veneers are a Surgery-free Facelift

One of the things that happens as we age is that our face begins to sag, and the skin becomes looser.  This happens because tiny facial muscles and our skin begin to lose elasticity, causing a drooping, more wrinkled appearance.  Also, as we get older our teeth wear down, becoming shorter and in doing so compact our face slightly when in the resting position.  This means that the muscles and skin of our faces aren’t as taught as they should be, and signs of ageing appear worse than they should.

Dental veneers are a great solution to this problem because they allow patients to have their teeth restored to the proper size and length which helps make their faces look fuller and more youthful again.  No more over-closed bite and scrunchy facial symmetry.  Instead, the smile improves, and facial proportions are restored.

On top of that major benefit, veneers have the same effect (except better) as whitening to bring back the natural color and brightness of teeth.  Veneers also allow any cracks, gaps, misalignments and discolorations to be addressed and repaired.

Recap of the benefits dental veneers provide:

  • Restore the bite characteristics
  • Resize worn down teeth
  • Correct facial symmetry and facial harmony
  • Fix gaps, chips, cracks and alignment issues
  • Whiten teeth and brighten smile
  • Help restore a youthful facial appearance
  • Boost confidence

In conclusion

If upgrading your smile is important to you, then dental veneers first on your list of things to do.  Speak with your dental office and book an appointment to see the cosmetic dentist to go over how their specialties can help you achieve your goals.

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