April 14, 2024

Is Your Morning-Pick-Me-Up-Coffee Good for Skin? – 2024

All coffee lovers, take a heart- if you are planning to cut back on your caffeine, perhaps, shifting it to your skincare is the best idea!

Serious coffee aficionados know their favorite cup of beverage is loaded with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial properties, but there is a lot to highlight about skincare benefits too.

Not saying this because most of us are coffee addicts! Researchers have found out that coffee is potent to protect, enhance, and smoothen skin. When applied topically on the skin, it boosts circulation and brightens the complexion. Luckily, skincare enthusiasts are taking notes and including coffee as its ingredient for its radical defying properties.

Now, get that extra cup of coffee for the awesome benefits that you can count on to wake your skin up!

What’s in Your Cup?


Coffee is packed with antioxidants. Antioxidants are those compounds that help in fighting off the free radical damages caused on the skin! Additionally, the usage of coffee-infused products also helps in preventing such damage. The antioxidants neutralize the freely scattering free radicals as they are unstable molecules that end up destroying the nearby skin cells and thus exhibiting the damages.


Caffeine is one of the compounds found in coffee that is responsible for waking you up in the morning! It is a well-known legal psychoactive compound contributing to medical acuity. It may stop DNA damage by inhibiting the ATR and ATM enzymes (that leads to the growth of damaged cells leading to cancer). Additionally, it boosts circulation giving a glowing complexion.

Caffeic acid and Ferulic acid

Caffeic acid, also known as a plant- hydrocinnamic acid shows powerful antioxidant properties. And, together with Ferulic acid, it helps in showing love to your skin by catering to the UV damages caused by continuous exposure to the Sun. They specifically scavenge on the free radical called nitric oxide which shows negative oxidative reactions on the skin. The combination of these acids used in topical treatments to treat sun damage and even prevent it in the first place.


Coffee has gained popularity among cosmetic product users because of its compound- flavonoids. The skin experts emphasize how flavonoids help the skin to protect from environmental damage and sun damages. Drinking coffee provides flavonoids and their antioxidant properties, but the qualities change in our gut. Therefore, they work better when coffee is applied topically to the skin.


Eugenol is an antioxidant found mostly in spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, and coffee of course. The compound has a wide range of applications due to its antioxidant, antiseptic, and antimutagenic to fight leukemia (and others). Skin cancer is common and curable to some extent, but it is a real threat. Eugenol prevents and treats the causes of skin-related cancers.


Gamma-tocopherol is about 70% of vitamin E- an important oxidant contributing to the healthy lipids in the skin. Lipids are known to keep the skin elastic and prevent the sagging and appearance of wrinkles. Like other antioxidants, even they are potent to fight free radicals that are tied to oxidative stress.

Benefits of Coffee for your skin

It’s a Natural Exfoliant

Instead of tossing away those coffee grounds, make it a part of your skincare routine. As these coffee grounds do not dissolve in water, they won’t just melt away with a light spray. Thus, they are super potent to slough away the dead cells, impurities, boost circulation, and reduce the cellulite appearance on the skin.

It Diminishes Dark Circles

Struggling with nagging dark circles? Tiem to switch your skincare product to the one with coffee. It will boost circulation and brighten the skin complexion, further firming and tightening the skin. Loaded with antioxidants and vital vitamins, it moisturizes and lightens the under-eye area for visibly reduced dark circles.

It De-Puffs, Too

Now, you know that caffeine works for your dark circles, but did you know that helps you get rid of those puffy eyes too (the bags under your eyes). The coffee-loaded product application shrinks the blood vessels and removes water resulting in de-puffed eyes. The area around your eyes needs extra pamper and love as this is a lymphatic channel and does not drain easily. Now, you can count on coffee to remove that extra water.

It Reverses the Aging Clock

You are gorgeous at all stages of your life- but that does not mean that you have to just sit back and accept the visible signs of aging like sunspots, wrinkles, fine lines, and redness. Coffee has the potency to cater to photoaging. Rich in antioxidants, Caffeic, and Ferulic acid, skincare becomes potent to treat the aging signs. Thus, the skin glows like that in the 20s.

It Soothes Inflamed Skin

With the flavonoids in coffee, kiss goodbye to inflammation and redness. Soothe your irritated skin for optimal skin health. The antioxidants are awesome for the skin to treat sunburn and photoaging but even work to cater to the redness that occurred due to sitting too long under the sun and experience an allergic reaction.

It Brightens & Tones

You know how well coffee wakes you up all energized and fresh- the same goes for your skin! Applying coffee in the form of a scrub or mask helps in increasing the blood flow, even skin tone, and boosts the glow overall. Renew, revive, and detoxify your skin with coffee by using the scrub in a circulation method.

It’s Naturally Nourishing

By now, you are familiar with antioxidants! So, besides protecting the skin from the free radicals, they nourish the skin from the inside out making them plump, smooth, silky, and velvety. Coffee makes the skin look tauter and healthier.

Coffee Body Scrub and Polisher

Would you let coffee leave your cup and reach your skincare routine? Include it in a form of a Uniqaya Coffee Body Scrub and Polisher. Do right to your skin by using this non-drying exfoliating concoction with natural origin ingredients.

Coffee and brown sugar with grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, and Calendula Flower help in exfoliating the skin gently and keep it nourished and rejuvenated for a long time. It also manages the signs of aging and dissolves the excess oil on the skin and boosts cellular turnover.

As [coffee is to change the things you can; massage is to accept the things you can’t!


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