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Dentistry – Future of Home Teeth Straightening Solutions – 2023

Dentistry – For thousands of years, people have used some form of braces to help them straighten their teeth. For the ancient Egyptians, their orthodontic techniques involved the use of braces made from catgut. A bit later, the Romans used finger pressure to try and ease their misaligned teeth into place. Even later, the Victorians contributed their inventions — braces that looked more like torture devices.

Today’s choices for teeth straightening include classical metal braces, whether these are just a thin wire or railway track, or the more modern clear aligners. The arrival of clear aligners, almost two decades ago, quickly allowed modern dentistry to evolve. Invisalign clear braces became available at orthodontic and dentistry offices, bringing with them the future of dentistry and the introduction of at-home teeth straightening solutions.

At-Home Teeth Straightening

Who would have thought a few decades ago that a safe at-home teeth-straightening alternative would become available to consumers one day? Clear aligners changed the way dentistry works, and cases with mild or moderate misalignment are the perfect candidates for at-home teeth straightening solutions.

Severe cases of malocclusions are not suited to at-home treatments. Requiring orthodontic devices that may include the use of headgear, traditional metal braces, or Invisalign. Invisalign is incorporated with the use of elastics to correct severe misalignments.

Many people have questioned the effectiveness of at-home clear aligner teeth straightening solutions. One study set out to find out some facts. According to this study published in the Journal of the American Dental Association, 87.5% of the respondents were very pleased with the results of their at-home clear aligner treatment.

Teeth Straightening Benefits

Besides improved appearance and self-esteem, teeth straightening treatments have several benefits to oral health. Straight teeth are easier to brush and floss, ensuring fewer cavities and increased protection from gum disease.

Severe bite issues often cause pain in the jaw and neck, sometimes leading to severe headaches. Additionally, misaligned teeth can cause tooth damage because of uneven wear, chewing problems, and digestive issues. Therefore, the benefits of having the teeth straightened are numerous.

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The Future of Dentistry is Here

Digital technology is here to stay, and with it, it has brought remote work and shopping. It has also brought a new era to dentistry and endless possibilities. One of the most exciting – consumers can straighten their teeth at home.

Now more people than ever before, whether they live in a remote area or just want an affordable and convenient way to perfect their smile, have access to a remote dentist.

At-Home Aligners Have Found Their Place

Are you asking yourself whether you should choose Invisalign or Candid, a popular at-home alternative? At-home clear aligners have found their place in the future of dentistry for several reasons and Smile Prep has done extensive research on them.

Technology allows consumers wanting to treat mild-to-moderate cases of bite issues, crowding, or spacing issues an effective way to do it at home. These treatments are completed in less time and are more economical. Consumers send an impression or scan of their teeth to the company of their choice. The dentists or orthodontists responsible for the treatment make the diagnosis and propose a treatment plan.

The consumer then receives the 3D printed, BPA-free plastic clear aligners by mail. Included are all the braces for the treatment and instructions on how to use them. The aligners are discreet and easy to wear, but with some at-home companies, consumers also have a choice of daytime or nighttime aligners.

Consumers send photos or scans to the clear aligner company for evaluation at regular intervals. This monitoring ensures the treatment plan is meeting its goals.

At-home teeth straightening is practical for those that don’t want the inconvenience of constantly visiting their dentist. The models made from the impressions and scans even allow consumers to know what their teeth will look like once the teeth straightening treatment is completed.


Byte, Aligner Co, Candid and Smile Direct Club are just some of the at-home clear aligner companies offering an easier path to straighter teeth. They have embraced technology, helping to bring affordable and convenient dentistry into the home.

At a fraction of the cost of traditional braces or Invisalign, these at-home clear aligner treatment plans are safe and effective. At every step during the teeth straightening treatment, the consumer is monitored by the qualified orthodontist in charge. The future of dentistry is definitely here.

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