April 20, 2024

5 Health Benefits of Drinking Enough Water – 2024

Drinking Water – Almost every American seem to carry one or two bottles of water everywhere they go nowadays. As a matter of fact, bottled water is becoming the most common drink.

Apparently, the doctor’s advice to drink around eight glasses of water every day is nothing more than just a guideline.

But don’t just put your glass of water down yet. Although you may not need those eight glasses of water every day, there are many good reasons why you should consider drinking water daily.

Regard water as an important nutrient your body requires, which is present in foods, liquids, and plain water. All these are important every day so as to replace the amount of water you lose daily.

So if you’re still wondering why doctors and researchers suggest that you drink plenty of water daily, the following are health benefits you could get:

1.      Relieve Constipation

Constipation is among the serious problems characterized by difficulty passing stool and infrequent bowel movements.

Increasing your fluid intake is usually advisable as part of the treatment protocol, and some pieces of evidence back this up.

Low water intake is a risk factor for getting constipation in both older and younger individuals. So increasing hydration can help to minimize the risks of having constipation.

Mineral water, in particular, can be a helpful beverage for individuals with constipation. Some research also shows that mineral water is rich in sodium and magnesium, enabling you to improve bowel movement frequency.

2.      Reduce the Risks of Kidney Damage

Drinking enough water helps to dissolve nutrients and minerals, making all of them accessible to your body. It also enables your body to get rid of waste products.

If any of your kidneys fail to function properly, excess fluid and waste products will build up inside your body.

Untreated chronic kidney diseases may result in kidney damage or failure, requiring either transplantation or dialysis.

UTIs (urinary tract infections) are the second most popular kind of infection. They usually account for approximately 7.94 million visits to the doctor in the United States each year.

Drinking a lot of water is a great way to minimize the risks of getting UTI. If you also have an existing UTI, drinking sufficient water will help to treat it.

3.      Maintain Body Weight

The brain may not tell the difference between thirst and hunger. So most people often mistake their thirst for the ‘sugar craving.’ Next time you feel like you want to take something sweet, consider drinking one or two glasses of water first.

Staying hydrated always helps to maintain your body weight. According to different reports, taking water before any meal can fill you up, promoting weight loss by suppressing your appetite.

4.      Improve Health of the Skin

It is touted as a vital part of the beauty routine. So how does drinking enough water improve the biggest organ in your body? Well, your skin is a thirsty part of the body. It has around 71% water.

Most dermatologists and beauty therapists regard proper hydration as vital to keep the skin’s appearance, elasticity, tone, and softness.

Apart from eating well to make your skin look youthful, ensure you take enough fluid on board. Opting for more water means you will not add calories or sugar to your everyday diet while maintaining a good hydration level.

Proper intake of water also balances the levels of the oil in your skin. This helps to prevent greasiness and defend your skin against wind and sun damage.

5.      Keep Cardiovascular System Healthy

More than half of your blood comprises a substance referred to as plasma. This substance carries the blood cells around the body to where they are required. It also keeps body temperature under control and maintains healthy blood pressure.

In other words, plasma is almost 90% water. So it will work properly when you are well hydrated. Without sufficient water in the body, your blood may become more concentrated and thicker. Basically, this means your heart will have to work extra hard to pump your blood around the body.

Final Remarks!

The water amount you need to take every day depends on your daily routine, metabolism, height, and weight.

In general, adults need to drink around seven glasses of water daily, and even more if necessary. At its best, always ensure your drink at least six glasses of water daily so as to stay healthy and hydrated.

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