June 17, 2024

Rejuvenate Looks After Pregnancy With Mummy Makeover

While going through pregnancy is a beautiful experience that ends up bringing new life into the world, sometimes the aftermath it leaves on the body is not that great for the woman, as all of those body changes can be devastating for her self-confidence. This is not only bad for the mother, but also for the child due to the depressed and negative energy it is going to receive from that mother which is not satisfied with her looks. If you find yourself in such a position, do not worry, as the mummy makeover combination of procedures will correct all of those changes you dislike, and you will look even better than you did before pregnancy.

What is a Mummy Makeover?

It is a combination of procedures that aims to restore the looks of a new mom to the ones she had before delivering a child. Breast procedures, tummy tucking and liposuction are the essential procedures which are the part of the transformation process, however, some additional procedures may be requested.

Breast Procedures

The most common need for a new mom who has gone through breastfeeding a child is the breast lift. Not only because breasts will naturally sag over time, but after pregnancy, the breasts increase in size, making them much heavier. This makes gravity have a bigger effect on sagging, and feeding the child helps that process as well.

Breast lifting is a procedure that aims to return the breasts to their original position, or in other words, to reverse the sagging. It is an essential procedure of an effective mummy makeover surgery in Sydney by Breast & Body Clinic, because breasts play the biggest role in women’s self-confidence.

Before and after a breast lift

Before and after a breast lift

Tummy Tucking

Pregnancy can also have a lot of effects on the abdomen, depending on how pregnancy goes. Some women are lucky enough to gain just a little big of extra weight, which they quickly lose after pregnancy. However, others end up with stretched skin on the tummy, which is where the tummy tuck procedure comes to fix the “damage” by removing that extra skin.


Women who go through pregnancy tend to gain some extra weight in general, and while getting rid of that extra weight is usually easy with working out and correct diets, there are sometimes tricky areas on the body where the fat is stubborn.

Liposuction is the ideal procedure to deal with that stubborn fat, as it can completely remove it while also making the skin tighter. It is a procedure similar to tummy tucking, however, it can target other areas than the tummy.

Final word

After you undergo the mummy makeover, you will definitely feel like you are in a completely different body, a much healthier and revitalized version of your own body. The only downside of this combination of procedures is that it takes time to undergo all of them along with the recovery time they bring, however, that time investment is definitely worth it.

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