April 21, 2024

What is Duress and Who Might Suffer from Duress? – 2023

The term ‘duress’ means a threat of force or violence and in this 21st century world we live in, violence is far too common. A person who lives with the threat of domestic violence would most certainly be under duress and if you fall into that category, life can indeed be very stressful. Others that could experience duress include isolated workers, people with medical issues, the elderly, the disabled and certain occupations like first responders.

Duress Alarm

This amazing device provides a potential solution to the threat of violence; the device is worn around the neck and should the wearer press the panic button, this silently initiates contact with a care provider who determines the best way forward. This might involve contacting the emergency services or making contact with a nominated person, it very much depends on the circumstances.

How Does a Duress Alarm Work?

Those using a duress alarm only need to press the panic button in the centre of the device and this sends a signal to the home-based device, which then makes contact with a network operative. This happens within a few seconds and the operative stays on the line until contact is made and you can then report the situation. If you would like to learn more about duress alarms, search with Google for a leading Australian provider and read all about the product on their website.

First Responders

People who are the first on the scene of an incident are at risk of violence and therefore, this occupation puts you under some duress. Many first responders have a duress alarm for this very reason, which they can use to contact the police if things are dicey. If recreation is important to you, here is an interesting blog about post-pandemic recreation trends.

Remote Workers

A Canadian forest ranger might carry a duress alarm in case they encounter difficulties while out on patrol, while doctors who service remote communities might prefer the security of being able to contact emergency services.

GPS Location

The system uses GPS function to locate the wearer, so there is no need to give your address to the care provider. There is also a built-in fall detection system, which is ideal for hikers and those who venture into the wilderness. Should you experience a fall and you are not injured, you should notify the care-giver, otherwise they will automatically notify the emergency services if the fall detection system is activated.

One or Two Way Communication

You have the choice of either two-way or one-way communication when you buy a duress alarm; the one way system is easily configured and the device can also be set to send and receive voice data. Domestic violence is rising since the start of the lockdowns and a duress alarm is the best protection.

The duress alarm is a subscription service that people find very valuable and should you wish to find out more about this product, Google is your best friend and can locate a leading Australian provider. Using such a device brings peace of mind to people who are under duress and that must be good news.

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