May 26, 2023

Easy fitness tips for the beginners

fitness tips – It’s easy to talk about exercises, but it’s hard to start and then do it all the time. When one is overcome by laziness and has a thousand excuses not to wear sneakers in the morning, no motivational advice will help. There has to be something unique, meaningful, interesting. Something that will inspire change and explain why an evening jog is better than watching a new thriller with your favorite actor. And we know what it is!

Here are non-trivial ways to overcome the hundreds of roadblocks and the conditions for sporting endeavours at your pleasure.

Make a monthly exercise schedule

And add a plan for each week. It will help you organize your life and allocate the time you need to go to the fitness center. Knowing in advance that you have a workout scheduled for tonight will help you plan your time more appropriately. And you’re less likely to miss a session.

Professionals use trainers to help them with schedules and maximize the results. So much so that fans track their form using social networks, bet on their performance and use bonuses at bookmaker ratings to get the most from pro-athletes play.

Exercise for 5 to 10 minutes at a time

While you’re looking for yourself and trying to curb those ‘lazy’ habits, stick to short-term exercise routines. Make it fun, relaxed, and playful. The more you do each day, the better.

Start with easy five-minute activities and gradually progress to more difficult ones, increasing the time if possible. Five minutes of jumping rope, the same amount of abs, squats, running in place, swallow hold, and plank pose: there are always activities that don’t require much time, just a little effort on your part.

Can’t do an exercise for five minutes? Don’t worry. You’ve got your workout schedule! Have you mastered the program thoroughly? Move on to video exercise sets from trainers and bloggers! Many of them have 10-minute workouts for all muscle groups.

Compliment your workout

Wellness experts say that it’s not the anti-motivator that gets better results in sports. It’s the person who takes care of their emotional health. When doing a challenging exercise, repeat the mantras: “I’m strong and tough,” “I’m doing great,” “I’m losing weight and becoming more beautiful,” instead of, “Do it, fatty!”.

Compliments and encouragement distract from the pain and compensate for feelings of fatigue, energize you, and make you want to keep going.

Drink cool water

Experts from the Stanford University School of Medicine conducted an interesting experiment. They recommended overweight women to drink ice water during a workout. Studies have shown that this simple technique prolongs exercise time, increasing the endurance of thin women.

By taking regular sips of cold water during exercise, a woman’s body temperature rose at a slower rate, which meant she felt better and performed better. With this in mind, plan your workout!

Heads up!

“Royal” posture, in addition to the fact that it looks beautiful, is an essential condition for a healthy back, with no headaches due to curvature of the spine. In addition, it is a prerequisite for sound sleep and a good memory, according to doctors. But for us, it is essential no matter the gender.

As long as you keep your posture while working in the office, walking the streets, or relaxing in the park, you take care of your health and work for the future. If your back is healthy and you feel great, any physical activity will be more manageable for you. Control your shoulders, sit up straight and don’t slouch, refuse the leg over leg pose: all these things have unfortunate consequences. Once you’ve learned how to hold your posture, take the next step towards a perfect body!

No self-abuse!

Do not torture yourself with excessive loads, especially in the first months of training. Exhaustion is bound to kick in, but if you’re exercising until you pass out and can’t find the strength to go home afterwards, then you’re doing more harm than good.

Don’t be afraid to feel awkward at the gym

Are you afraid that you’ll feel embarrassed in front of trim female athletes when you come to the fitness center? Or that your body doesn’t look good enough? Don’t be. Sports center attendees come here to take care of their figure, not yours. Besides, everyone here was once a beginner, just like you. Let their sporty bodies be role models and an extra incentive to achieve good results!

Make sure your clothes and shoes are as comfortable as possible. Not only will they make you feel more comfortable and confident during the class, but they’ll help you reach your goal sooner. After all, you’ll hardly be able to exercise to your full potential if your shoes are too tight and clothes constrain your movements. A comfortable sports outfit, on the contrary, allows you to exercise with greater efficiency. And you get better results!

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